UFSC student is selected as ambassador of South Brazil for the Brazil Conference at Harvard & MIT

11:29 AM

The Ambassadors Program is organized by the Brazilian student community in Boston since 2014. Every year, ten undergraduate students, two from each region of Brazil, are selected to attend the Brazil Conference at Harvard & MIT. The Program aims to enable these students to apply the knowledge acquired at the conference in their home regions and share with their regional centers the topics and discussions held.

In this year’s edition, Natália Cecília, a student of International Relations at UFSC, was selected to attend the conference representing the Sourthern region of Brazil. According to the conference’s website, Natália is originally from the state of Alagoas. Multilingual and multi-instrumentalist, she has worked as a classical music teacher in social projects for children and the elderly. Natália also has a PIBIC/CNPq scholarship to research about Scientific Diplomacy. She believes that it is essential to create new mechanisms to internationalize Brazilian universities, aiming to increase scientific production and excellence and give Brazil opportunity to win its first Nobel Prize.

Access the Conference’s website to see who the other selected students are.