The Association of Universities Montevideo Group (AUGM) is a net of public and autonomous universities from Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay, which, due to their similar characteristics in terms of vocation, public, academic structure and types of service, develop cooperation activities.

Founded in 1991, as a response to the challenges in Latin American University management, this group of universities understood the need to team up in order to aim at excellence and quality in the public higher education sector.

Among AUGM programmes of in UFSC  takes part, there are:

Programa Escala de Estudiantes de Grado (for undergraduate students)
Programa Escala de Estudiantes de Posgrado (for graduate student)
Programa Escala de Gestores y Administradores (for administrative staff)
Programa Escala Docente (for professors)

Jornada de Jóvenes Investigadores (Young Researchers Conference)


Argentina Bolivia Brazil Chile Paraguai Uruguai
Universidad de Buenos Aires Universidad Mayor de San Andrés Universidade Federal de Goiás Universidad de Chile Universidad Nacional de Asunción Universidad de La República
Universidad Nacional de Córdoba Universidad Mayor, Real y Pontificia

de San Francisco Xavier de Chuquisaca

Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais Universidad de Playa Ancha Universidad Nacional del Leste
Universidad Nacional de Cuyo Universidade Federal do Paraná Universidad de Santiago de Chile Universidad Nacional de Itapúa
Universidad Nacional de Entre Rios Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul
Universidad Nacional del Litoral Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina
Universidad Nacional de La Plata Universidade Federal de São Carlos
Universidad Nacional Mar del Plata Universidade Federal de Santa Maria
Universidad Nacional del Nordeste Universidade Estadual Paulista
Universidad Nacional de Rosario Universidade Estadual de Campinas
Universidad Nacional del Sur Universidade de São Paulo
Universidad Nacional de Tucumán

UFSC is represented at AUGM by Prof. Prof. Lincoln Fernandes, Secretary for International Affairs.

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