Escala de Estudiantes de Grado

escalaestudantilThe Escala de Estudiantes de Grado Program, promoted by the Montevideo Group Universities Association (AUGM), is a reciprocal program of academic mobility intended for undergraduate students.

There are on average 20 places every year, for both incoming and outgoing students. They stay for a whole semester at the host university, which will be responsible for food and accommodation expenses.

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Current Calls Edital n° 04/2017/SINTER

Resultado preliminar

Closed Calls Edital nº 11/2016/SINTER

Edital nº 02/2016/SINTER (rectified on 18/05/2016)

Edital nº 11//2015/SINTER

List of students selected for second round

Final Result

Edital nº 6/2015/SINTER

Edital n.º 6/2014/SINTER

Edital n.º 2/2014/SINTER