Emergency Scholarship

topoMREWhen there is a strong need of assistance due to an unforeseen situation, the PEC-G student may request an Emergency Scholarship to the Ministry of External Relations. The Office of International Relations (SINTER) helps the student to do the request only; it does not participate in the evaluation or award of the scholarship.

In order to request the scholarship, the candidate must present the following documents:

  • A form asking for the Emergency Scholarship, dully signed and filled with the bank’s name, branch and account number, CPF, phone number, and e-mail (form attached);
  • Commitment Agreement signed by the student, proving that he or she does not work or receive financial assistance of any institution (form attached);
  • Copy of the passport’s page on which the current visa is stamped and of the RNE, or its updated protocol, proving that the candidate is currently living in Brazil in a regular status;
  • Student’s original bank statements from the last 3 months;
  • A letter from the student who requires the Emergency Scholarship explaining his or her financial situation;
  • A report about the student’s social and economic situation, issued by the social service of the institution in which the student is enrolled (provided by SINTER);
  • Proof of Enrollment(provided by SINTER);
  • Academic transcript updated with the results of the previous semester (provided by SINTER).

For further information about the Emergency Scholarship, access the MRE website.