Araranguá Campus


The Araranguá Campus is located 214 km south of Florianópolis. Currently, this campus offers four undergraduate programs: Information and Communication Technology, Energy Engineering, Computation Engineering and Physical Therapy.

 In 2014, a Master’s degree program in Information and Communication Technology was set up – the first of the kind to be offered in the region. The campus also offers Master’s degree programs in Physics Education, Energy and Sustainability and Rehabilitation Sciences.


Undergraduate Programs Graduate Programs
Computer Engineering

Energy Engineering

Information and Communication Technologies

Physical Therapy

Energy and Sustainability (Master’s degree)

Information and Communication Technology (Master’s degree)

Physics Education (Master’s degree)

Rehabilitation Sciences (Master’s degree)

Undergraduate Program Descriptions:

Computer Engineering Computer Engineering is concerned with scale production of products and processes derived from its basis science, that is, Computer Science. On such grounds, the computer engineer deals with both software and hardware development processes. The program prepares engineers to design, develop, implement and manage computer systems, as well as develop systems of software, hardware and both integrated within the scopes of their projects.
Energy Engineering Energy Engineering is focused on providing solutions for current serious challenges, regarding the production, storage, distribution, use and impacts of energy. For such, the Energy Engineering program at UFSC is based on the areas of Mechanical, Electrical, Control, Materials and Environmental Engineering, Biotechnology and Earth Sciences. The program allows students to become cross-technological professionals who will be able to gather components from these areas of knowledge and work in two major fields: Energy Conversion or Bioenergy and Sustainability.
Information and Communication Technology The Bachelor of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) is an applied computer science program which aims at enabling professionals to solve problems by using ICT in organizations. Solutions may be focused on information systems, business or any aspects related to education and culture.
Physical Therapy The aim of the Physical Therapy program is to provide professionals with profound knowledge and sophisticated techniques in order that they can experience the breadth and depth of the profession within the health care scope, including health prevention, promotion, protection and rehabilitation. Such objectives are pursued in an integrated and continuing manner alongside other health system areas, through critical and reflexive thinking, with a view to solving and improving the well-being among citizens.

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