Blumenau Campus

W_UFSC_pThe Blumenau Campus is located 92 km north of Florianópolis.

Established in 2013, the campus offers undergraduate programs in Textile Engineering, Automation and Control Engineering, Materials Engineering, Mathematics and Chemistry. It seeks to prepare professionals with an appropriate profile that will meet the socio-technical demands of the Vale do Itajaí region.

Its structure is based on the needs of interrelation among science, education and technology. Besides, its activities contribute to strengthen the cooperation between economic and productive sectors and the community as a whole.

The campus also offers a Master’s degree program in Physics Education, created in 2016.

Undergraduate Programs   Graduate Programs
Automation and Control Engineering

Chemistry (Education)

Materials Engineering

Mathematics (Education)

Textile Engineering

 Physics Education (Master’s degree)

Undergraduate Program Descriptions:

Automation and Control Engineering

The program enables engineers to work in Process Control, Manufacturing Automation and Industrial Information Technology. It also aims at preparing students for activities which involve the design, implementation, handling and maintenance of automated, or to be automated, production unities. Professionals can work at engineering companies and industries related to the production of equipment and software for industrial automation.

Chemistry (Education)

The program trains students to have a career in teaching in both primary and secondary schools, in compliance with the specific law and using diverse teaching methodologies, so as to contribute to the learners’ intellectual development and attract scientific interest in adolescents. It also prepares them to set up and use chemistry labs; produce and analyze course books and supplementary materials and survey chemistry reference; and analyze and elaborate programs for these education levels.



The program enables professionals to work in research, in the creation of new materials or, even, in the improvement of already existing materials, through studies ranging from their atomic structure to their microstructure. A materials engineer can work in different industrial areas, but s/he can also go on to an academic career as a researcher at institutes and universities.

Mathematics (Education)

The program prepares students for a career in teaching in both primary and secondary schools, enabling them to create and interpret mathematical models. By advancing their studies, graduates can also pursue an academic career. This way, while preparing teachers for the basic education level, the program also informs students of the research areas in order that they can go on to a graduate program.

Textile Engineering The program enables engineers to work with textile processes and products of high market acceptance, preparing them to work in quality control, new technologies, process optimization, product development, industrial management and commercial activities related to the textile sector. Professionals acquire skills to work from raw material to finished products, learning about fiber production and its different transformation stages, marketing and sales, and machinery and product technical assistance.

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