hqdefaultDeveloped by the Canadian Government, Emerging Leaders in the Americas Program (ELAP) offers scholarships to undergraduate and graduate students (master and doctorate) from Latin America and the Caribbean to join an exchange programme at Canadian universities.

To apply: April 29, 2016 is the deadline for Canadian Universities submit nominations of Brazilian students to the goverment of Canada. In this way, SINTER will obey the deadlines set by Canadian institutions and it is the duty of the interested student to adapt that established by the host institution

Mobility Holding Period: the studies or the search produced by the student starts between 1 July 2016 and 1 February 2017.

Requirements :

The UFSC students who intend to run for the scholarship and meet the requirements can apply to one of the accredited Canadian institutions at UFSC (Check “Instituições Conveniadas” item) on SINTER website.

Check the website of the institution to the documentation and deadlines required for the application and apply the online system of UFSC . Before you apply forward email to outgoing.sinter@contato.ufsc.br to confirm that there is time for the completion of the procedures required by the host institution .

Procedures for application :

  • Read and follow the application procedures for Edital do Programa Outgoing;
  • Register your application in the online registration system as Edital vigente do Programa Outgoing;
  • After applying for the UFSC system, send email to outgoing.sinter@contato.ufsc.br warning of the ELAP scholarship application and inform the contact teacher’s name at UFSC and the contact teacher’s name in Canadian university;
  • Check the requirements of the University proposed for exchange.

UFSC not ratify the inscriptions on the ELAP scholarship of undergraduate students who fail to make the entries in our online registration system. The scholarship candidate must fulfill the requirements contained in the Edital.

Graduate students must have their applications supported by your advisor with knowledge of (a) Coordinator(a) Graduate of their college program. For graduate applications, an interinstitutional agreement is desirable, but not required. If there is an existing exchange agreement, graduate applications involving new collaboration between teachers or established a Canadian institution and UFSC will be accepted.

Undergraduate candidates must assent to the prerequisite of the Programa Outgoing of the Office of International Affairs (SINTER).

Futher information on the programme.

Futher information for UFSC applicants.

Contact: outgoing.sinter@contato.ufsc.br