Curitibanos Campus


The Curitibanos Campus is located 302 km west of Florianópolis and occupies an area of 24 ha.

Currently, this campus offers three undergraduate programs, all related to the field of agricultural sciences: Agriculture, Forest Engineering and Veterinary Medicine. It also offers a Master’s degree program in Agricultural and Natural Ecosystems, created in 2016.

In order to strengthen its teaching, research and outreach activities, it also has two experimental farms, one for agriculture and livestock (with 24 ha) and the other for forest farming (with 31 ha).

Some outreach projects developed in the Curitibanos Campus are related to environmental actions, nature conservation, forest stewardship, farming, fruit growing, public health education and responsible animal ownership.

Undergraduate Programs  Graduate Programs

Forest Engineering

Veterinary Medicine

Agricultural and Natural Ecosystems (Master’s degree)


Undergraduate Program Descriptions:

Agriculture The work of the agricultural engineer who graduates from the Curitibanos Campus is based on humanist, supportive and ethical professional principles. The program offers knowledge in depth within the large area of agricultural sciences, aimed at improving agricultural practices and optimizing production. The program also covers more specific areas, such as plant and animal genetics and enhancement, biotechnology, plant sciences, plant health, soil, agricultural engineering, agroecology, production, management and sale of farm products, and rural development. Thus, agriculture graduates will be prepared to work in many different areas. Within this context, the program plays a fundamental role in the Planalto region of the state of Santa Catarina, contributing to the regional development, once this is essentially a farming area with an outstanding agricultural production in state and national levels.
Forestry Engineering 

The Forest Engineer graduated from UFSC is a professional with solid studies in forest, biological, exact and human sciences. Through theoretical and hands-on classes, laboratory-based practicals, fieldwork and technical visits, the student will be able to deal with forest management in a sustainable way, with a view to meet the demands of a globalized society, mainly in the scope of forest  stewardship, nature preservation and technology of forest products. It is important to point out the great location of the Curitibanos campus, in a region with a relevant forest background, which enhances scientific-academic studies in relation to the socio-economic and environmental aspects of forestry activity. This allows for a large practice of the forest engineer at public bodies and institutions, research institutes, private companies and consultancies. The growing global demand for forest products and forest conservation reflects the importance of the forest engineer, a flexible professional equipped with a number of competences, who is ready to contribute to innovation and to work in various fields of knowledge.

Veterinary Medicine  The graduates from UFSC Veterinary Medicine program are professionals who have a generalist, humanist, critical and reflexive profile which enables them to understand and translate the needs of individuals, social groups and communities. They work in the fields of animal health and clinical veterinary medicine; environmental sanitation; preventive veterinary medicine;  public health; inspection and technology of animal origin products; animal science; animal production and reproduction; ecology; and environment protection. A degree in veterinary medicine allows graduates to acquire knowledge of social, cultural and political facts of the agricultural economy, industry and management. In addition, graduates develop their skills in logical thinking, observation, interpretation, data and information analysis, and acquire essential veterinary knowledge to identify and solve problems.

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