Required Documentation and Visa Types

Required Documentation

International students wishing to study at UFSC should arrive in Brazil with a TEMPORARY VISA ITEM IV  (VISTO TEMPORÁRIO ITEM IV) stamped on their passport. Within a maximum of 90 days of arrival in Brazil, students should go to the Federal Police office to register and apply for a Foreigner Identity Card – (“National Migration Registry”), presenting the following documents:

  • Copy of identification page and all stamped pages of the passport;
  • Entry/Exit card or stamp on the passport;
  • Two recent 3×4 photos (colored, white background);
  • Visa Application Form (received at the Brazilian Embassy and/or Consulate);
  • Payment of the Guia de Recolhimento da União – GRU, available on the website of the Federal Police.

The steps to apply for a National Migration Registry is available on the website of the Federal Police (Polícia Federal).

To generate the GRU, access the website and follow these steps :

  • Select the link GRU > Estrangeiros/Imigração > 3. Pessoas e Entidades Estrangeiras;
  • Fill out your personal data and address in Florianópolis;
  • In the field “Unidade Arrecadadora” select: “SC- Superintendência Regional de Florianópolis”
  • In the field “Código da receita” select “140082 (Registro de Estrangeiro)” and “140120 (Carteira de Estrangeiro 1ª via)”

 The update / renewal of visa is the sole responsibility of the student and is an indispensable requirement for effective registration at the University and to enroll in courses at the beginning of semesters. In no event Tourist Visas will be accepted. There is no possibility of changing a Tourist Visa into a Student Visa in Brazil or at the border. This can only be done in the home country.

Visa Types

Entrance Visas

All foreign visitors must have a passport and entrance visa. The passport must be valid for the period of permanence in the country.

The temporary visas usually granted to students and visiting professors and researchers are those of Item IV or V, respectively. These visas are obtained at the nearest Brazilian Embassy or Consulate in the foreigner’s home country before arrival in Brazil.

Tourist Visa – VITUR

The VITUR may be granted to the foreign visitor who travels to Brazil for purposes of leisure and has no intentions of immigrating or doing remunerative activity.

The VITUR may be granted for participation in artistic and athletic competitions in which there is no entrance charge nor remuneration or fees paid by a Brazilian source, even though prizes may be competed for, including cash prizes (Normative Resolution 33/99), as well as for unpaid participation  in congresses, conferences, and seminars (Normative Resolution 16/98).

Transit Visa – VITRA

The VITRA may be granted to the foreign visitor who needs to cross Brazilian territory to reach the country of destination. This type of visa will not be required when the interested person has to make stops or connections in Brazil, provided that he or she remains in the international transit area of the port or airport in which the stop or connection occurs, regardless of the number of hours.

The VITRA is valid for a single entrance in Brazil, for a maximum stay of ten days, non-extendable.

Temporary Visa I – VITEM I

The VITEM I may be granted to people who come to Brazil on a cultural trip or study mission, such as:

a) researchers, professors or members on a cultural or scientific mission in which there is no remuneration paid by a Brazilian source (Normative Resolution 16/98/CNIg);

b) trainee (Normative Resolution 42/99/CNIg);

c) athletes, minors under 21 years of age, and nonprofessional persons to practice intensive training (Normative Resolution 26/98/CNIg);

d) technicians, contractors, volunteers, experts, scientists and researchers under International Cooperation Agreement approved by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Normative Resolution 43/99/CNIg);

e) those who intend to come to the country to receive training in the operation and maintenance of machines and equipment produced in national territory with no employment contract in Brazil (Normative Resolution 37/98).

f) student under educational exchange program (Resolution 40/99).

The granting of VITEM I to those wishing to undertake scientific expeditions (for the purpose of collecting data, materials, biological and mineral specimens and integral parts of the native and popular culture, both past and present, obtained through the use of resources and techniques intended for study, dissemination or research) and operate in indigenous areas will depend on prior authorization of the National Council for Scientific and Technological Development – CNPq and the National Indian Foundation – FUNAI, respectively, to be submitted to the Consular Office by the person interested when applying for a visa.

The granting of VITEM I for members on missions designed to assist Brazilian communities, such as “Flying Hospital” or “Operation Smile”, depends on prior approval of the Federal or Regional Councils of the professional category involved in the provision of services (dentistry, medicine, etc.).

The VITEM I will be valid for a maximum period of two years. In the case of student and trainee under educational exchange program, the visa will be granted for a maximum stay of one year, non-extendable.

Temporary Visa II V- ITEM II

The VITEM II may be granted to foreigners who, without remuneration, visit the national territory:

a) on business;

b) as a foreign journalist, filmmaker, or communications technician, for reporting documentary, news or advertising filmmaking in the country, as long as pertinent legal requirements are adhered to;

c) as a crew member of a ship or aircraft, in the case of non-possession of an international crew card;

d) to adopt Brazilian minors.

Temporary Visa III – VITEM III

The granting of VITEM III will be authorized by SERE/DIM through prior approval by the General Immigration Coordinator of the Ministry of Labor (CGIg) of the contracts of artists and athletes who come to Brazil for paid professional activities (Normative Resolution 22/99 of CNIg and Ordinance 3.384/87 of the Ministry of Labor).

The VITEM III will be valid for 90 days and can be extended in Brazil by the DPMAF, for the same period.

Temporary Visa IV – VITEM IV

The VITEM IV may be granted to the foreigner who comes to Brazil as a student, including for religious education, and those who participate in “sandwich” programs, with or without a scholarship (Normative Resolution 16/98 of CNIg).

The VITEM IV may be granted, without consultation when there is no requirement, to students in regular undergraduate programs, at any level, and in graduate or technical programs offered by institutions recognized by the Ministry of Education, as long as the required documentation is supplied and the General Framework for the Visa Scheme allows it.

To obtain the VITEM IV, the interested party should present, in addition to the requirements mentioned above, proof of sufficient means of subsistence in Brazil, proof of enrollment or place in a pertinent institution and proof of no prior penal involvement or its local equivalent.

The VITEM IV will be valid for a maximum period of one year, which may be extended in Brazil, upon application to DPMAF until 30 days before its expiration.

Temporary Visa V – VITEM V

The VITEM V may be granted to the foreigner who comes to Brazil as a scientist, professor, technician, or professional of another category, under contract, such as:

a) To render services to the Brazilian government, as a result of a contract, legal agreement, or international act in which Brazil is a party, so recognized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Normative Resolution 35/99/CNIg);

b) Under a work contract to a legal person with headquarters in Brazil (Ordinance 3721 of the Ministry of Labor and Normative Resolution 12/98/CNIg);

c) To render service to a religious or social assistance entity, with no employment contract with a legal person with headquarters in Brazil (Normative Resolution 47/00/CNIg);

d) To render services of technical assistance, resulting from a contract, cooperative agreement, or similar legal instrument, entered into with a foreign legal entity (Normative Resolution 34/98/CNIg);

e) For professional training, with no employment contract, immediately after the conclusion of a course in higher or professional education (Normative Resolution 37/99/CNIg);

f) For medical residencies in an educational institution accredited by the Ministry of Education and Sports (Normative Resolution 23/98/CNIg);

g) For employees of foreign companies admitted to the country as trainees with the Brazilian subsidiary or branch office, as long as they are remunerated exclusively by the foreign company abroad (Normative Resolution 42/99/CNIg);

h) For foreign teachers who intend to come to the country for training in foreign language teaching (Normative Resolution 41/99/CNIg);

i) For crew members of foreign vessels that operate within Brazilian waters, under a charter contract, service provision contract or risk contract, entered into with a Brazilian company (Normative Resolution 31/98);

j) for crew members of foreign fishing-boats rented by Brazilian companies (Normative Resolution 46/00/CNIg);

k) For crew members and other professionals performing paid activities on board a cruise ship along the Brazilian coast, in the Amazon basin or other interior waterways (Normative Resolution 48/00/CNIg).

Temporary Visa VI – VITEM VI

The VITEM VI may be granted to the foreigner who comes to Brazil as a correspondent of a foreign newspaper, periodical, radio, television or news network. On requesting the VITEM VI, the interested party will consult SERE/DIM, which, after hearing from ACS, will decide about granting the authorization.

Temporary Visa VII – VITEM VII

The VITEM VII may be granted to the foreigner who intends to come to Brazil as a religious minister or as a member of religious institutes.