Final result – Bolsa de estudos na University of Hradec Králove (República Checa)


key-result-postAfter the analysis of the documents and interview, according to the Edital n.º 14/2015/SINTER, the following candidates are classified for the Mobility Program UFSC-UHK in the first semester of 2016:

Place Name Letter (20%) Essay (30%) Interview (50%) Final
1.º Humberto Garcia 20 30 45 95
2.º Taynã Tagliati Souza 15 25 45 85
3.º Augusto Infanti Ribeiro da Costa 15 25 45 80

The other  candidates were declassified for not accomplishing 40% of the course hours, as required at the Edital.

Between the 3 classified, the first one will get financing from the Ministry of Education of Czech Republic, and so the exemption of academic taxes at UHK. The second and the third places, if wish to make the exchange by their own, will also be exempted of taxes.