PPGICH offers seminar in “Current Topics in Brazil”


Resultado de imagem para ppgich ufscThe seminar “Current Topics in Brazil” is a course offered by the PPGICH’s teachers and invited professors, in English, to students of the Graduate courses of UFSC and special students. The focus of the seminar will be on the relationship between various conceptions of and attitudes toward research, and recent theories of interpretations and hermeneutical practices in the research in human sciences in Brazil, emphasizing their insertion into a theoretical field of study and in an interdisciplinary perspective. The working in progress of the professors invited to give lectures will be considered in order to select those. It aims to introduce the students in the different fields of studies of and in Brazil.

Course Title: Current Topics in Brazil

Number of Credits: 02

Total Hours-Lectures: 30

Teachers: Carmen Rial (and invited professors)

Year / Semester: 2018/2

Period: 04/04/2018 to 05/ 30/2018.

Hours: Wednesday, from 6:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

Number of vacancies: 20

Teaching methodology: lectures of the teachers followed by discussion, seminar on texts previously indicated.

Evaluation: participation in the debates and a review of one book to be indicated by the lecturer.

The information about how to apply can be found here and the deadlines are in this link.

For further information, please contact PPGICH through email ppgich@contato.ufsc.br or phone number (48) 3721-9405.