Preliminary Results for the XXVI AUGM Jornadas Jóvenes Investigadores


The Office of International Relations (SINTER) announces the list of applicants  initially selected for participation on the XXVI AUGM Jornadas Jóvenes Investigadores, in accordance with Call n. 07/SINTER/2018:

Student Theme Program
Bianca Tribéss 07 – University Outreach Psychology
Cecília Brancher de Oliveira 01 – 100 years since Córdoba’s Reform: knowledge sets you free International Relations
Gabriela Pedroni 08 – Gender Social Sciences
Liliane Becker Moretto 32 – Human Health Physical Therapy – Araranguá
Tatyane Martins Marcos 29 – Science, Technology and Innovation Pharmacy


Student Theme Program
Cristiane Garcia Teixeira 09 – History, Regions and Borders Doctoral degree in History
Mariana Soares 31 – Animal Health Doctoral degree in Aquaculture
Marina Gomes 32 – Human Health Master’s degree in Pharmacy
Maristela Denck Colman 29 – Science, Technology and Innovation Master’s degree in Pharmacy
Tomas Cariotto 25 – Environment Doctoral degree in Environmental Engineering

Applicants who wish to file an appeal may do so until 31 July 2018 by 11:59 p.m. The appeal must be in PDF format and sent to