2018 USAC Exchange Scholarship Program for Undergraduate Students – Preliminary Results


The Resident Director of the Universities Study Abroad Consortium (USAC) in Florianópolis announces the results of the first stage of the selection process for its international mobility program aimed at UFSC Foreign Language and Literature undergraduate students (Licenciatura) and consisting in one scholarship award per  language program (English, French, Italian, German and Spanish), according to the Call for Applications USAC SCHOLARSHIPS / 4 September 2018.

Up to 6 students per program were selected according to item 7.3 of the Call. For the French, German, Italian and Spanish programs, the total of  students who met the application requirements determined on item 5.1 of the Call was below the number of places available for the second stage. Therefore, those students will move on to the third stage of the selection process (individual interviews) as established on item 7.6. Interviews will take place between 24 September 2018 and 5 October 2018. Selected students will receive an email informing the date and time of the interviews.

For the English students, the selection process will proceed according to item 7.4 of the call.

Selected students are listed below:

English Program:

Ana Paula dos Santos Beck

Camila Hickenbick Kobarg da Costa

Cesar Antônio Teló

Dmitria Guimarães Santos

Fernanda da Costa Alves

João Luiz Coelho

Luciana dos Santos

Pâmela Stuani Santos

Rafael Zaccaron

Rayla Rocha dos Santos

Thaisy da Silva Martins

French Program:

Arthur da Silveira Ribeiro

Brenda Kieling Balbinotti

Geórgia Ortolan Colombelli

Keren Coimbra Fagundes

Taynan Teixeira Manosso

German Program:

Renan Lazzarin

Samantha Manoela Reis

Italian Program

Agnes Ghisi

Mellina Anastácio Silva

Rafaela Cechinel Fieira

Spanish Program:

Aila Lima do Nascimento Reis

Gilian Oliveira Fiorin

Luana Bottcher Sbeghen

Nathany Paulina Borba

Raymi Tallini Müller