I UFSC Internationalization Colloquium gathers the university community to discuss its internationalization process


Prof. Lincoln Fernandes speaks about UFSC Internationalization Plan

The I UFSC Internationalization Colloquium took place on 25 September at the Teixeirão Auditorium, in the School of Technology (CTC). Aimed at faculty, staff and students, the event discussed the institutional strategies and the importance of raising the community’s awareness and commitment on the comprehensive internationalization process of UFSC.

In the morning, after a speech by Prof. Alacoque Erdmann, Vice-Rector, and by Prof. Lincoln Fernandes, Secretary for International Relations, the Colloquium hosted presentations by Sarah Sullivan, a member of Education in Ireland, and Hanna Knapp, a visiting professor from Germany at UFPR, to promote exchange opportunities in Ireland and Germany. In the afternoon, Prof. José Celso Freire Jr., from UNESP, gave a lecture on the importance of the internationalization process and on concrete actions that the university can take to foster its development.

At the event, SINTER also announced the launching of the UFSC Course Catalogue 2018/2019 which contains the list of courses offered in Foreign Languages for graduate and undergraduate student at UFSC.

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