Botín Foundation offers exchange opportunity to undergraduate students


The Programme for the Strengthening of Civil Service in Latin America of the Botín Foundation, a Spanish organization dedicated to promoting vocation and talent for public service, selects every year 32 Latin American undergraduate students with leadership profile and talent for public services to participate in a two-months intensive course. The course includes lectures, classes, institutional visits, debates, projects, outdoor training and personal qualification.

This year’s edition will be carried out in three stages: United States, Spain and Colombia. The program will cover the selected students’ expenses related to transportation and housing (students are responsible for all visa and passport-related expenses).

The documents needed for the application process are:

  • Letter of Presentation sealed by the University Rector. The letter must be submitted according to the template provided by Botín Foundation (required);
  • Commitment signed and stamped by a qualified representative of the home university showing proof of internship at any public institution of the home country, to be carried out by the student upon return from the Botín Foundation’s program (required);
  • Copy of the student’s passport (if you do not have a passport and you are selected, you must provide it and apply for the visa with urgency);
  • A 5×7 picture (passport size) in .GIF or .JPG formats;
  • Statement indicating the veracity of all information presented and the commitment to take on an internship and to participate in the Botín Foundation’s NETWORK of Latin American Civil Servants after the program, using the template provided in the application form (required);
  • Link of a 1 minute YouTube video, uploaded as unlisted, in which the candidate will answer the question: “What do you need to improve in order to become a civil servant?”
  • If the candidate has any publications, include the link or PDF file (not required);
  • Include personal blog URL, if applicable (not required);
  • English and Spanish Language Certificate (desirable but not required).


Applications can be made from 19 March to 9 May 2019 on the Botín Foundation’s website.

Candidates must submit a presentation letter with the endorsement from their home universities. In order to obtain the letter from UFSC, they must deliver in person at SINTER:

  1. Updated academic transcript;
  2. Statement from the candidate’s Program Coordinator informing that the student has academic excellence according to criteria established by the Program’s Council.

The above documents must be delivered at SINTER to Elenir Vieira, from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., until 30 April 2019, and must be collected, together with the signed letter, on 3 May 2019 until 5 p.m. Documents not collected will be discarded in 30 days.

For more information:

Frequently Asked Questions – PFFPAL 2019 (in Portuguese)

Candidate’s Profile –  PFFPAL (in Spanish)

Program’s website (in Spanish or English)

We highlight that SINTER is only announcing the opportunity and will provide the letter of presentation. Please be aware that the application process is the responsibility of the Botín Foundation. Any doubts about the program and this exchange opportunity must be addressed to Botín Foundation.