“The New Silk Road: Brazilian and Chinese Perspectives” event takes place in June at UFSC

03:23 PM

The Graduate Programs in International Relations (PPGRI/UFSC) and in Political Sociology (PPGSP/UFSC), with the support of the Office of International Relations (SINTER) and the Prorectorate for Outreach and Extension (PROEX), promote and invite the academic community to participate in the “The New Silk Road: Brazilian and Chinese Perspectives” event to be held on 27 and 28 June in the auditorium of the School of Socio-Economic Sciences (CSE).

The schedule includes lectures, round tables and presentations by students and faculty, aiming to exchange knowledge about Brazil-China relations. The theme, Silk Road, has been intensely publicized in the international press and is a hot topic to be discussed in the academic circles.

The event will have the participation of Professor Miao Ji from the Institute of Asian Studies, Trilateral Cooperation Studies Center, China Foreign Affairs University, as well as of Brazilian specialists on Sino-Brazilian relations.

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Facebook event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/2488852677812014