2019 USAC scholarships (students) – Second Stage – Preliminary Results


The Resident Director of the Universities Study Abroad Consortium (USAC) in Florianópolis, in the exercise of his powers, and pursuant to the Call for Applications of 16 September 2019, announces the second stage results of the selection process of undergraduate students from the UFSC Foreign Language and Literature licenciatura programs to participate in an exchange program. One student from each Language and Literature program (English, French, German, Italian and Spanish) will receive a scholarship.

The students who obtained the highest grades in the motivation letter were selected for the third stage, in accordance with item 7.4 of the Call.

The interviews will take place from 14 to 18 October 2019, at the School of Communication and Arts. The applicants will receive, by e-mail, the date, time and place of their interviews.

The students approved for the third stage are listed below in alphabetical order:

English Language and Literature (Licenciatura):

Cesar Antônio Teló

Eliani Ventura

Luciana dos Santos

Pedro Ricardo Bin


French Language and Literature (Licenciatura):

Brenda Kieling Balbinotti

Keren Coimbra Fagundes

Pedro Henrique do Prado Rocha


German Language and Literature (Licenciatura):

Maicon Cidral de Carvalho

Ozias Deodato Alves Júnior

Sabrina Andrade de Freitas


Italian Language and Literature (Licenciatura):

Caroline Elaine Weiss


Spanish Language and Literature (Licenciatura):

Camilla Neves Fortes

Elson Rodrigues Natário Junior

Samuel Girardi