Lecture on doctoral study opportunities at the University of Debrecen, Hungary


On 9 October, at 5:30 p.m., and on 10 October, at 2 p.m., Professor József Baranyi will give a lecture on doctoral study opportunities at the University of Debrecen, in Hungary. The event will take place at the EQA Auditorium 1 on the UFSC Florianópolis Campus. Baranyi will explain about the project funding, the scholarship opportunities, the research topics, and other matters. The thesis topics are: “New, truly interdisciplinary areas, Predictive Food Microbiology and Computational Nutrition“.


  • possess (or develop, by the start of the project) a good standard of English;
  • have abilities in exact sciences (such as: Modeling; and/or Numerical mathematics; and/or Parametric statistics; and/or Optimization; and/or Big data and its computational tools; and/or Network science; and/or Programming).

Students who are not able to attend the lecture can send an e-mail with their queries to jozsefbaranyi@gmail.com (Professor Baranyi is the leader researcher and supervisor of the projects) or bruno.carciofi@ufsc.br (Professor Carciofi, UFSC). Those who contact Professor Baranyi directly will have more chances in the selection process.