Central Administration announces contingency measures at UFSC due to the COVID-19 pandemic

05:42 PM

The Central Administration of the Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina (UFSC) announced this Thursday, 12 March, several measures to be taken at UFSC from Monday, 16. They include the suspension of large events such as graduations and ceremonies, as well as a protocol for the university community to follow in case of trips and contact with infected people.

For now, the decision is not to suspend on-campus classes. “We believe that, with measures such as the suspension of large events and the communication of trips and contact with confirmed cases, we will be able to prevent people who have any COVID-19 symptom from attending classes. Another important factor is to focus on the most vulnerable populations, such as older adults. The profile of the majority of our students does not fit this group. This does not prevent students, faculty or administrative staff members who show any symptom from seeking medical attention and following the recommended protocol of staying at home”, informs the UFSC Rector, Ubaldo Cesar Balthazar.

Prof. Balthazar also points out that the pandemic data will be checked on a daily basis and that, if the situation worsens, classes and in-person activities may be replaced for online activities, when necessary. The Rector stresses that the academic and administrative units must plan these activities in advance, in order for the university to be able to operate them.

Read the Rector’s official announcement below.

Official Announcement


In consideration of:

  1. The daily increase in the number of cases infected by the COVID-19 in the world and in Brazil, and the recent confirmation of 2 (two) cases in Santa Catarina;
  2. The recommendations from authorities in the Ministry of Health, WHO and PAHO;
  3. The classification of vulnerable groups (older adults, people with heart disease, lung disease, kidney disease, diabetes, cancer, and immunocompromised people in general);
  4. The need for taking actions which will, initially, prevent the circulation of COVID-19 disease agents among the university community and, later, limit its propagation;


UFSC will adopt, on all its campuses, from 16 March 2020, the following measures:

a) Suspension of all ceremonies scheduled in auditoriums and spaces with large numbers of people, such as graduations, events, concerts, lectures, seminars, etc.;

b) Suspension of trips by students, faculty and staff;

c) Postponement of the Research, Teaching and Outreach Week (SEPEX);

d) Notification by students, faculty and staff to their program coordinators or immediate superiors after returning from trips (national or international);

e) Notification by students, faculty and staff to their program coordinators or immediate superiors after having contact with confirmed cases;

f) In the two situations above, a minimum 5-day leave period must be observed, even for asymptomatic cases. The notification must be accompanied with evidence to justify the absence;

g) Reinforcement of guidance and prevention actions, contact and respiratory etiquettes, and wide dissemination of hygiene measures.

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Florianópolis, 12 March 2020.