SINTER promotes webinar about Double Degree on Friday (18 September)

03:50 PM

The Office of International Relations (SINTER) invites everyone to attend the next UFSC International webinar. The theme of this episode is “The Role Double Degree Plays in the Internationalization of Higher Education Institutions”. The guest speaker will be Prof. Nicolas Maillard, Secretary for International Relations at Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS).

The target audience is higher education managers (Undergraduate Studies, Graduate Studies and Internationalization), faculty and researchers interested in the topic.

The webinar will take place this Friday, 18 September, at 10 a.m. (Brasília time) on SINTER’s YouTube channel.

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Click on the image below (in Portuguese) for further information!

This webinar aims to explore the topic of Double Degree (DD) in order to highlight its relevance to the process of internationalization of higher education institutions. Issues related to the challenges faced in the implementation of DD will be discussed based on the actions and experiences at Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS), which has been standing out on both the Brazilian and the world scenario in relation to its double degree process.