Applications open for Virtual Exchange in the University of Montreal ‒ until 25 November

09:02 PM

The Office of International Relations (SINTER) announces that the University of Montreal, a partner institution of UFSC in Canada, is offering virtual mobility opportunities to undergraduate students in several areas of knowledge. The participation will be free for UFSC students.

Classes will be held online and, depending on the course, they will be offered synchronously or asynchronously, from January to April 2021.

In order to participate in the program, students must meet the requirements established on item 3.2 of the Call for Applications 03 SINTER 2020 (Outgoing Program). In addition, they must present a certificate of French language proficiency level B2 or intermediary (additional language requirements may be demanded depending on the program chosen).

The list of online courses available can be found in this link.

To apply for the program, the students must register in the UFSC online application system. They must type “Mobilidade Virtual” [Virtual Mobility] beside the name of the chosen program and upload the language proficiency certificate and the learning agreement (virtual mobility  template) signed by the program coordinator.

UFSC will nominate up to 5 students for the virtual mobility. If there are more applicants eligible to participate than the number of places offered, the students will be selected according to the criteria expressed on item 3.3 of the Call for Applications.

After the nomination by SINTER, the selected students must complete the process of application in the system of the University of Montreal until 1 December.

This way, SINTER will accept applications until 25 November, so that there is enough time for the processing of applications, selection and conclusion of the application by the student in the system of the University of Montreal. Applications sent after that day or without the complete documentation will not be considered.

Any doubts regarding the opportunity must be sent to