2021 Erasmus+ UFSC ‒ UHK Mobility Program ‒ Final Results of the Second Stage


The Office of International Relations (SINTER) announces the final results of the second stage of the selection process for the Erasmus+ UFSC ‒ UHK Mobility Program, according to the Call for Applications no. 06 SINTER 2021. The applicants approved are the following, in rank order.

  1. Henrique Germano Etges
  2. Briana Emanoele Bonetti
  3. João Abrão

The applicant Larissa Agostinho Ribeiro, who had been approved in the first stage, did not present the communication skills in English required in the interview and, therefore, she was not approved in the second stage of the selection process.

The first two selected candidates will be nominated for the mobility in the University of Hradec Králove (UHK).