International Certificate of Vaccination or Prophilaxys (ICVP)

Countries that require the International Certificate of Vaccination or Prophilaxys (ICVP) are listed by the World Health Organization (WHO).  To see the list, go to the Brazilian Health Regulatory Agency (ANVISA)’s website and click on “Verifique as orientações para o país de destino”.

If the country of destination requires the ICVP, the student will need to pre-register at the ANVISA’s website and take the vaccine in any of the city’s vaccination posts. Only then, the student will go to the ANVISA’s office at the Florianópolis Airport (or at other address listed on the website) to collect their ICVP.

During the exchange, students wishing to visit other countries that require the ICVP from people coming from Brazil will not need to obtain the Certificate, because in this case they will be coming from the country where they are at the moment.

For more information, contact ANVISA at +55 48 3389 2726.