Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL)

Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL) is an approach to teaching and learning created in the State University of New York (SUNY) by Professor Jon Rubin, in 2006. Its aim was to encourage the growth of online international cooperative learning.

COIL remains active, has evolved and, in practice, occurs as follows:

> A professor from university A, in partnership with a professor from international university B, creates an online education program for their classes. This way, there are 2 universities, 2 professors, 2 classrooms, possibly 2 languages, at least 2 cultures and a course/module co-taught by the professors from the two universities, with activities to be developed virtually in a collaborative, intercultural and interdisciplinary way.

As benefits of this practice, the academic community has access to:

  • global learning for all integrated into the curriculum;
  • applied learning;
  • development of 21st Century skills;
  • intercultural awareness and competency development;
  • interdisciplinary application of knowledge;
  • diversity and inclusion;
  • cost effective, scalable internationalization;
  • high impact practice for teaching and learning.

Last year has brought the certainty that there is still a lot to be explored in the virtual teaching and learning environment, and that this environment is a space of inclusion, interculturality and development, both for those who teach and for those who learn.

Therefore, due to several invitations we have been receiving from partner institutions and for future projects, we have opened this interest registration form for UFSC faculty members wishing to offer courses in this format.