Exchange for International Students

Each year UFSC receives hundreds of reciprocal exchange students from our partner universities around the world. Exchange students are first selected and nominated to study at UFSC by their home universities. Once nominated, the student will receive an email with instructions to complete his/her application. Students whose home institutions do not have an exchange agreement with UFSC are not eligible to apply as exchange students.

Partner international institutions wishing to send students to UFSC must access the online system with their existing username and password in order to nominate their students. If your institution does not have a username and password yet, please send us a message at

International institutions that do not have a cooperation agreement with UFSC should consult the procedures and criteria for submitting agreement proposals.

Note: We inform that exchange in the Medicine Program at UFSC runs independently from SINTER. Thus, students interested in taking courses or doing internship in Medicine should contact the Program Coordinator directly ( For further information, visit the program’s website.

Information for incoming students: