HradecThe UFSC-UHK Program, created in 2015 within the scope of the cooperation agreement between UFSC and the University of Hradec Králove (UHK), Czech Republic, has been reformulated in 2018, becoming the Erasmus+ UFSC-UHK Program. Since it relies on funding from the European Commission to UHK, the program can offer scholarships to undergraduate or graduate students in the following areas: Anthropology, Social Sciences, Political Sciences, Archival Science, Social Work, Philosophy and History. There is also a mobility program for faculty members.

The scholarship helps cover transport, food and accommodation expenses during the exchange period at UHK. All courses are taught in English, therefore, proficiency in the language is required. The calls for application are announced by SINTER according to scholarship availability.

Documents – UFSC Students
Learning Agreement

Calls for Application:

Open Calls Virtual Exchange at the UHK ‒ Until 16 August 2020 
Closed Calls Call 03 SINTER 2019 – UHK Docente
Call 02 SINTER 2018 – UHK Call no. 10 UHK 2017 

Call no. 03 SINTER 2017.2 – UHK República Checa

Call no. 08/SINTER/2016

Call no. 01/SINTER/2016

Call no. 14/2015/SINTER

Preliminary Result

Final Result

Further information: programas.sinter@contato.ufsc.br