UFSC Student: Join USAC Conversation Partnership Program!

12:13 PM

USAC’s Conversation Partnership Program allows UFSC students to meet people from other countries and cultures and to improve their English skills through practice.
The Fall semester starts with some scheduled events, after which you will stay in touch with your partner and all of USAC’s group! The group of students will arrive on August 20 and will stay in town until December 15.
To participate in the Program, you just need to have the following:

– Interest and availability to meet with the USAC student at least once a week;
– Willingness to participate in the extra activities promoted by USAC;
– Ability to integrate the USAC student in the university’s social and academic activities.

Proficiency in English is not required – You may help your partner with his/her Portuguese skills while you learn or improve your English.

To take part in the program, participation in at least one of the two opening events – taking place on August 24 (Thursday), at 2 pm, and on August 29 (Tuesday), at 6 pm – is mandatory. Both events will take place on the UFSC Trindade Campus.

Fall Scheduled Events:

– August 24 (Thursday): Informal meeting with the new group;
– August 29 (Tuesday): Social event with the conversation partners;
– Every Tuesday at 5 pm (from September 5): Soccer with the USAC international students at the Servidores’ court
– Hiking activities during the semester;
– Dance lessons;
– Film screenings;
– Volunteer activities.

If you wish to participate and get to know USAC students, please fill in this form.

Participation is voluntary.