FAQ – International services provided by other departments

1) I am interested in applying for a Double Degree Program that my Undergraduate Program maintains. Who do I talk to?

Each Double Degree agreement has a coordinating faculty member. Check with your Program coordinator who is responsible for the Double Degree agreement you are interested in. If you do not know if your Program has an agreement, you can find a list of existing Double Degree agreements on the UFSC Prorectorate for Undergraduate Studies (PROGRAD)’ website. 

2) I am interested in developing a thesis/dissertation under co-supervision. how do I start the process?

To start the co-supervision process (conditioned to the prior existence of a specific agreement), contact your supervisor or the coordinator of your Graduate Program at UFSC. More information can be found on the Prorectorate for Graduate Studies’ (PROPG) website. 

3) How do I transfer from another university to UFSC?

For information on the transfer and returning procedures, access the Student Administration Department’s website. 

4) I need to get my degree recognized. What should I do?

UFSC recognizes foreign undergraduate degrees equivalent to the degrees offered at our University. If you want to apply for degree recognition, go to the Student Administration Department (DAE)’s website for instructions (for information in English, click here). In case of graduate degrees, see the procedures on the Prorectorate for Graduate Studies (PROPG)’s website (for information in English, click here). 

5) I am interested in doing an internship inside or outside UFSC. How can I do it?

If you are a regular student at UFSC, check the Internship Portal, managed by the Prorectorate for Undergraduate Studies (PROGRAD). If you are an international student and would like to learn more about the internship process, contact us at incoming.sinter@contato.ufsc.br. [The implementation and internal procedures for the ZZD0047 – International Internship course at UFSC have been regulated by the Resolution no. 96/2021/CGRAD, of 29 September 2021].