Virtual Exchange Initiatives

With a view to promoting virtual exchange activities as a form of internationalization, in 2022, the Office of International Relations (SINTER) appointed Professor Kátia Madruga, from the Araranguá campus, to act as UFSC’s virtual exchange coordinator, with the following responsibilities:

  • Coordinate, together with SINTER, virtual exchange actions at UFSC;
  • Coordinate, together with SINTER, Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL) actions at UFSC, establishing dialogue with SUNY COIL Global Network when necessary;
  • Train, under SINTER’s coordination, UFSC staff to develop virtual exchange and COIL actions at UFSC;
  • Provide information about virtual exchange and COIL to the UFSC university community, upon request;
  • Represent SINTER in the BRaVE Program of the Brazilian Association of International Education (FAUBAI).

For 2023, we foresse initiatives to promote virtual exchange such as offering training on the subject with the Personnel Training and Coordination Office (CCP) and the Continuing Education Program (PROFOR), as well as meetings aimed at defining the procedures for the institutionalization of this process at UFSC.

Sharing COIL Experiences:

We invite UFSC faculty who have already had a COIL experience in any of the courses to share with us how it was by filling out this form available on this page. Among other purposes, these experiences will be used to obtain the Brazilian Virtual Exchange Program (BraVE – Faubai) seal.

General information about virtual exchange and COIL:


Virtual exchange initiatives already carried out at UFSC: