COIL Experiences

Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL) is a modality of curriculum internationalization aimed at encouraging online international cooperative learning.

In fact, COIL proceeds as follows:

  • A faculty member from university A, in partnership with a faculty member from an international university B, develop an online teaching program for their students. So we have: two universities, two professors, two groups, possibly two languages, at least two cultures, and a course/module being jointly administered by professors from the two universities, with assignments to be developed in the virtual modality in a cooperative, intercultural and interdisciplinary way.

Sharing COIL Experiences:

We invite UFSC faculty who have already had a COIL experience in any of the courses to share with us how it was by filling out this form available on this page.

Indication of interest in offering COIL:

We invite UFSC faculty interested in developing courses in the COIL modality to indicate their interest by filling out this form.

Examples of COIL experiences: