Double Degree Program

The general cooperation agreements signed between UFSC and international educational institutions provide for a series of activities to be carried out jointly by the institutions. However, some of these activities require a specific agreement to regulate them, as is the case of the Double Degree (DD) Program.

The International Double Degree Program allows UFSC undergraduate students and those from higher education institutions abroad to obtain a double degree recognized by UFSC and the foreign university, upon completion of the studies, under the terms of the specific agreement and the provisions of the Normative Resolution no. 37/CUn/2013.

Currently, the process gets started by an undergraduate program and undergoes approval by several university bodies. See more at the Prorectorate for Undergraduate Studies and Basic Education (PROGRAD) website.

With the increase in demand for double degrees, a commission was created at UFSC to review the current process, propose improvements, prepare a new draft for the specific agreement and update the current Resolution, which is dated 2013. All this work is being carried out to optimize the process and allow for more undergraduate students at UFSC to be able to apply for the program, in addition to fostering the university’s internalization process.

Below, we answer some of the students’ frequently asked questions about the topic:

Q: Can I choose an institution and do a double degree independently?

A: No. To do a double degree, you must be enrolled in an undergraduate program that has an existing double degree agreement with another undergraduate program at a foreign institution. 

Q: How do I know if my Program has a double degree agreement with a foreign institution?

A: On PROGRAD’s website, there is a list of existing double degree agreements at UFSC. 

Q: I am interested in a double degree agreement signed by my Program. Who do I talk to?

A: Each double degree agreement has a coordinating faculty member. Check with your Program Coordinator who the responsible person is for the agreement of your interest. 

Q: What if my Program does not have a double degree agreement?

A: Check with your Program’s faculty if there is interest in starting the process. As the double degree agreement is signed between the programs (and not for an individual student), it is a long process (it can take around 2 years to be completed). For the double degree agreement to be signed, there must be an institutional interest and a solid student exchange relationship between the two institutions. The Program’s faculty must meet with the respective faculty at the foreign institution to discuss curricular matters and prepare the agreement proposal, which will be reviewed by the Program’s Council, the School Council, the Office of International Relations (SINTER), the Federal Attorney at UFSC, and the Rector’s Office. 

Learn more about the Double Degree Program by watching our webinar on “The Role Double Degree Plays in the Internationalization of Higher Education Institutions“.