Andifes IsF (Languages without Borders) Network

UFSC, through the Office of International Relations (SINTER), is currently undergoing accreditation to become part of the Andifes (National Association of Directors of Federal Higher Education Institutions) ISF (Languages without Borders) Network, which will promote language courses and other internationalization opportunities for the UFSC university community. Information about the accreditation will be published on this page when it becomes available.

Administrative Coordinator:

  • Prof. Adriana de Carvalho Kuerten Dellagnelo – DLLE/CEE (Ordinance 205/2023/GR)

Pedagogical Coordinator:

  • Prof. Maria Ester Wollstein Moritz – DLLE/CCE (Ordinance 1799/2023/GR)

Pedagogical Supervisors:

  • German: Prof. Eduardo Lacerda Faria Rocha (Ordinance 67/2023/SINTER)
  • Spanish: Prof. Camila Teixeira Saldanha (Ordinance 67/2023/SINTER)
  • French: Prof. Luciana Wrege Rassier (Ordinance 67/2023/SINTER)
  • English: Prof. Leonardo da Silva (Ordinance 67/2023/SINTER)
  • Italian: Prof. Amanda Bruno de Mello (Ordinance 67/2023/SINTER)
  • Portuguese for Foreigners: Prof. Rosane Silveira (Ordinance 7/2023/SINTER)



Further information:

  • Email: