Portuguese as a Foreign Language Intensive Course

port-estrangeiros-300x225Every semester, a Portuguese for Foreigners intensive course is offered for students admitted for the exchange program at UFSC.  The Department of Foreign Languages ​​and Literature awards a certificate to the students who complete the course. Those who pass this initial course have the option to continue studying in an extensive course of Portuguese for Foreigners at other levels.

IMPORTANT: We would like to inform that the intensive course is only offered for exchange students who will be studying at UFSC in the first semester of 2017. 

Enrollment Date:17 November – 21 December 2016

Course duration: 30 January 2016 – 23 February 2016(Monday to Thursday) – from 9 am to 12 pm

Place: In the first day of classes the students must go to NUPLE –  room 121 – School of Communication and Arts (Centro de Comunicação e Expressão – CCE)

Level: Beginner

Course Load: 64 class hours

Assessment: Students must obtain a minimum of 6,0 grade points and attend 75% of classes to pass the course

Maximum number of students: 20 (the program will only happen with a minimum of 12 participants)

Registration: Please fill in this form. 

Fee: R$ 320,00 –  Registration will be confirmed only after payment. Please fill in this form to make the payment (For guidance on filling in the form, click here).

If there are places still available, registration in the first day of class (30 January) will be allowed. In this case, the payment must be made upon registration at NUPLE, room 121 – School of Communication and Arts (Centro de Comunicação e Expressão – CCE).

Required Documentation: Foreign students wishing to study at UFSC should arrive in Brazil with a STUDENT VISA ITEM IV stamped on their passport.

Foreigners holding a TOURIST Visa will not be able to enroll in the course.

For information as to how you can obtain a Visa to Brazil, click here.

For information on the regular Portuguese for Foreigners  extensive courses at UFSC, click here.