Erasmus is a mobility program created and sponsored by the European Union. The program’s activities aim at promoting excellence in higher education and research of European countries, and also strengthening academic bonds world over.

The program is periodically reformulated and renamed. Currently, it is called Erasmus +, while previously it was called Erasmus Mundus.

At UFSC, the Office of International Relations (SINTER) directly  coordinated some of Erasmus Mundus’ projects (EBW, START UP, ISAC, Erasmus Lindo) and assisted the UFSC’s Coordinators (ELARCH, Be Mundus, Fellow Mundus).

Currently, with Erasmus +, proposals for new partnerships with UFSC come from European Institutions. These proposals are analyzed and, if advantageous for the Institution, they are accepted. The European Union is responsible for the final approval of the proposals. If approved by the EU, an Inter-institutional Agreement is signed, having a faculty member of the area as Project Coordinator at UFSC.  Calls for applications are then open for  the mobility programs.

The projects of Erasmus + offer mobility scholarships and financial aid for transportation expenses for undergraduate and graduate students, faculty and staff members.

The following are some of the Erasmus’ projects in which UFSC participated or still participates:

Project Coordinator at UFSC Contact
Be Mundus Prof. Paulo Emílio Lovato
Fellow Mundus Prof. Márcia Grisotti
Elarch Prof. Luis Gómez
Erasmus + UFSC – Bremen Prof. Aloísio Nelmo Klein