Study buddy Program


Studdy Buddy Program at UFSC

This is a volunteer program in which UFSC students give guidance and assistance to incoming international students on how to proceed in their first days in Florianópolis and at UFSC. In return, it provides our regular students the opportunity to get in contact with students from foreign universities and cultures from all over the world.

How does it work?

SINTER will provide a study buddy for the exchange student who will assist him or her with important information about UFSC and Florianópolis. Upon arrival in Brazil, the exchange student will have a number of questions and doubts about their study abroad experience, and the study buddy will be ready to help solving them. 

UFSC student – Would you like to join the Study Buddy Program?

Why becoming a study buddy?

Becoming the study buddy of an international student is a great way to practice your language skills, get to know other cultures and make new friends. More than that, it is an opportunity to help someone (who will probably arrive in Brazil without the essential information about the country) and become a multiplier of opportunities. Finally, by becoming a study buddy you are also helping develop international exchange programs and consolidating partnerships between renowned universities, being part of all that!

This volunteer activity will offer you a rich cultural exchange experience without leaving the country.

If you are interested in joining the Program, click here for further details.

Application and Selection

To become a study buddy, you must fill in an application form, indicating your language preferences. Please note that Portuguese-speaking students also need a study buddy. The selection confirmation and the information on the respective exchange students will be sent by email. If there are still exchange students in need of a study buddy, the selection period will be extended.

Application period  from 23 April to 19 June 2018.

Exchange student – Would you like to have a study buddy during your stay at UFSC?

If you are interested in having a UFSC student as a study buddy, you can apply for the program after being accepted at UFSC. Sinter will send an email to exchange students with the invitation to participate. After confirming your interest, you will receive an email containing the name and contact information of your study buddy.