Colombian University carries out academic missions at UFSC


From 25 June to 06 July 2018, UFSC welcomed three student academic missions from the Universidad de La Costa – CUC, Barraquilla, Colombia, reinforcing  the cooperation agreement between both institutions. The areas of interest of these missions were: Activity-Centered Ergonomics, Continuous improvement of Process Productivity, and Logistics Efficiency.

The missions included several workshops and short-term courses to complement and further students’ training, as well as technical visits to companies from Santa Catarina that apply  good practices on their subjects of interest.

Participants showed satisfaction with the knowledge acquired and the technical quality of the course instructors, with UFSC and its structure, and with the entrepreneurial practices of Brazilian companies, considering the missions a complete success.

These missions represent a natural evolution of UFSC’s internationalization process. The interest in them began with the 2017 visit of professors  Carlos Taboada and Guilherme Tortorella, from the Department of Production and Systems Engineering of UFSC, to the Universidad de La Costa, and will continue with the visit of Prof. Lizandra Vergara, from the same department, in October 2018.