Minicourse on Basic Life Support to victims of cardiopulmonary arrest offered at UFSC


The Laboratory for Research on the Care for People with Acute Health Conditions (GEASS) invites the community to participate in the minicourse “Basic Life Support to victims of cardiopulmonary arrest according to the American Heart Association (AHA)” to take place during the UFSC Teaching, Research and Outreach Week (SEPEX).

The course will address theoretical discussions and practical simulation activities concerning the new American Heart Association (AHA) guidelines for Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR). The objective is to train the general community, including health professionals and the lay audience, to act in CPR situations. Participants will learn the guidelines for supporting victims of cardiopulmonary arrest and will be able to perform a resuscitation exercise with the help of instructors.

One of the aims of the group is to involve international students in its activities.

Registrations can be made on the SEPEX website from 8 to 17 October 2018.

For more information, email