Escala Estudiantes de Grado

Sem títuloThe Escala de Estudiantes de Grado Program, promoted by AUGM, is a reciprocal academic mobility program intended for undergraduate students from Latin American Universities.

There are on average 30 places every year for both incoming and outgoing students.

Exchange students stay for one semester at the chosen host university to take courses or do internships. The host university is responsible for covering their food and accommodation expenses.

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Documents – UFSC  students

Form – EE1 and EE2

Form – EE3

Certificate of Academic Mobility

Grade Equivalence Sheet

Calls for Applications:

Current Calls Call no. 6 SINTER 2019

Rectification 1

Closed Calls

Call no. 13/SINTER/2018

Call no. 4/2018/SINTER

 Call no. 13/2017/SINTER

Call no. 4/2017/SINTER

Call no. 11/2016/SINTER

Call no. 02/2016/SINTER

Call no. 11/2015/SINTER

Call no. 6/2015/SINTER

Call no. 6/2014/SINTER
Call no. 2/2014/SINTER