Translation Glossary – Portuguese/English

In view of the University’s internationalization process and the importance of achieving terminological consistency among UFSC documents written in English, we provide the university community with a glossary of recurring terms in Portuguese with their respective English translation.

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Estrutura administrativa e acadêmica

Acordo de Cooperação Cooperation Agreement
Afastamento Leave
Agência de fomento Funding agency
Aluno especial Special student
Área de Concentração Area of Concentration / Concentration Area
Atestado de matrícula Certificate of Enrollment
Bacharelado Undergraduate degree
Banca examinadora Examining Committee / Examination Committee
Biblioteca Universitária University Library
Bolsa Grant / Scholarship / Fellowship

Bolsa de mestrado e doutorado: scholarship

Bolsa de pós-doutorado: postdoctoral grant

Bolsista Scholarship holder / Grant holder / Fellow
CAGR Undergraduate Academic Records System
Câmara / Colegiado Council
Candidato(a) Applicant / Candidate
CAPES Coordination for the Improvement of Higher Education Personnel – CAPES
CAPG Graduate Academic Records System
Campus / Campi Campus / Campuses
Centro de Cultura e Eventos Culture and Events Center
Centro de Ensino School / Academic School
Chefe de Departamento Head of Department

Colegiado Pleno

Colegiado Delegado


Full Council

Delegate Council

Colégio de Aplicação Colégio de Aplicação [Laboratory School]
Conceder/conferir título ou bolsa to award/to grant
Conclusão de curso Degree completion
Conselho Universitário University Council
Convênio Agreement
Coordenador(a) Coordinator
Coordenadoria (…) (…) Coordination Office
Corpo discente Students / Student Body
Corpo docente Faculty
Co-tutela Co-supervision
Credenciamento Accreditation
Curso presencial In-classroom course / on-campus course
Defesa Defense
Departamento (de Ensino) Department (of…)
Diária Daily allowance
Diploma Degree certificate / Diploma
Diretor(a) de Campus Director
Diretor(a) de Centro Dean
Disciplina isolada Single course
Disciplina obrigatória Required course
Disciplina optativa Elective course
Dissertação (mestrado) Thesis
Doutorado Doctoral degree
Doutorado sanduíche Sandwich Doctoral Program
Edital Call for Applications / Call for Proposals
Editora da UFSC UFSC Press
Educação à Distância Distance Learning
EFI – Espaço Físico Integrado Shared Building (EFI)
Egressos Alumni / Graduates
Elenco de disciplinas Course listing (ou outros)
Ementa (de disciplina) Description (course description)
Em exercício (ex.: Reitor em exercício) Acting (ex.: acting Rector)
Ensino Fundamental Anos inicias: primary education / primary school
Anos finais: lower secondary education / lower secondary school
(De acordo com a equivalência ISCED 2011)
Ensino Médio Upper secondary education / upper secondary school
(De acordo com a equivalência ISCED 2011)
Especialização Certificate Program / Graduate Certificate Program
Estagiário(a) Intern
Estágio Internship
Estágio de Docência Teaching internship
Estágio obrigatório Required internship
Estágio não-obrigatório Elective internship
Estágio supervisionado Supervised internship
Estrutura curricular Curriculum structure
Extensão Outreach (termo amplo) / Extension (para cursos extracurriculares)
Gabinete da Reitoria Rector’s office
Graduação (Curso de Graduação) Undergraduate degree (Undergraduate program)
Graduado(a) Graduate
Histórico escolar Transcript (Academic transcript / Transcript of Records)
Hospital Universitário University Hospital
Imprensa Universitária University Printing House
Ingresso Admission
Inscrição Application / Registration
Licenciatura Undergraduate teaching degree

Obs.: Em caso de nome de curso de graduação, colocar “Education”: Curso de licenciatura em Matemática: Undergraduate Program in Mathematics Education.

Linha de pesquisa Line of Research
Matrícula Enrollment
Média (de notas) Grade point average
Mestrado Master’s degree
Monitor(a) / Monitoria Student Tutor / Student Tutoring
Moradia Estudantil Student Residence Hall
Museu de Arqueologia e Etnologia – MARQUE Museum of Archaeology  and Ethnology
Núcleo Center
Núcleo de Desenvolvimento Infantil (NDI) Child Development Center (NDI)
Núcleo de Pesquisa Research Center
Orientação Supervision
Orientador(a) Supervisor
Ouvidoria Ombuds Office
Parecer Report / Opinion
Permanência Estudantil Student Retention
Pessoal Técnico-Administrativo Staff / Administrative Staff / Technical and Administrative Staff

Estudante de Pós-Doutorado

Postdoctoral Research

Postdoctoral Researcher


Programa de Pós-Graduação

Graduate degree/education/studies

Graduate Program

Prefeitura Universitária Property Maintenance and Gardening Services
Processo Seletivo Selection Process / Admission Process /

Admission Selection Process

Professores (Corpo Docente) Faculty
Professor(a) Faculty member / Professor / Course instructor
Professor(a) adjunto(a) Assistant professor
Professor(a) assistente Lecturer / Instructor
Professor(a) associado(a) Associate professor
Professor(a) titular Full professor
Professor(a) permanente Permanent professor / Permanent faculty member
Professor(a) substituto(a) Temporary professor / Temporary faculty member
Professor(a) colaborador(a) Collaborating professor / Collaborating faculty member
Pró-Reitor(a) Prorector (for)
Pró-Reitoria Prorectorate
Reconhecido (programa) Accredited
Regimento Interno Bylaws
Reitor(a) Rector
Reitoria Rectorate
Reitoria – Prédio I / II Rectorate Building I / II
Restaurante Universitário University Restaurant
Secretaria Office
Secretaria/Coordenação do Programa X X Office/X Administrative Office
Secretário(a) Secretary (for)
Servidor(a) Público(a) Civil Servant
Sub-Coordenador(a) Deputy Coordinator
TCC Final project / Undergraduate thesis
Tese (doutorado) Dissertation
Título (titulação) Degree
Trancamento Leave of absence
Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina (UFSC) Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina (UFSC)
Vaga Seat / Place
Validação de disciplina Course credit transfer
Vestibular University Entrance Examination (Vestibular)
Vice-Coordenador Deputy Coordinator
Vice-Diretor(a) de Campus Vice-Director
Vice-Reitor(a) Vice-Rector


The translation choices that led to the construction of this glossary considered the broad international audience, not focusing on a specific English language culture.

The work was based on searches through monolingual and bilingual dictionaries and on the verification of terms in their real context of use (e.g., websites of higher education institutions in English-speaking countries), seeking to find those that best fit the reality of UFSC. Thus, we were careful not to erase the university’s structure while translating it into English, starting with the name “Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina”, which, in the institutional documents written in other languages, remains in Portuguese as a brand of the institution.

It is also worth mentioning that a glossary is always under construction and, therefore, it may undergo changes. It is also not exhaustive: words have different meanings, and the choice of terms may vary depending on the context.

If you have any questions, please contact our English-Portuguese translator at