Application Procedures


Application Calendar for the 2015/2  semester (August – December)

Student’s Nominations:  From 06/04 to 20/04/2015

New Students’ Applications and Requests for extensions: From 06/04 to 30/04/2015

Confirmations from the home Institution: By 08/05/2015

UFSC’s Acceptance: 01/06/2015

Beggining of  the second 2015 academic semester: August 11,  2015

End of the second semester:  December 12, 2015

WARNING: the presence of the student at UFSC is obligatory during the first week of classes.

Required Documents

– Complete Academic Transcript of Records and a Portuguese or English translation of it (translation can be done by the student);

– Certificate of Registration at the Home Institution;

– Certificate of Portuguese Language at intermediate level;

It will be accepted any certificate provided by an institution or teacher of Portuguese language.

All courses at UFSC are in Portuguese]

For further information about PORTUGUESE FOR FOREIGNERS INTENSIVE PROGRAM, click here

– Learning Agreement (printed from our online registration system with all the required signatures);

These documents must be uploaded on the online registration system.

Nominations without all required documents will not be considered. None of the documents will be accepted after the registration’s deadline.

– Health (Life) insurance must be valid during all the mobility period covering accidents, illness, death, and repatriation of remains.

The certificate of Health (Life) Insurance must be handed to SINTER’s personnel on the enrollment day.

Enrollment Procedures

The Home Institution must:

1)–Access the online system with their existing login and password in order to nominate the candidates for the exchange program.

      – If the login or password is forgotten click “I forgot my password”.

    – If the person responsible for nominations or the contact email has changed please contact:

– Please make sure the student’s email is correct. We do not take responsibility for wrong information.

– Nominations via email or regular mail will not be considered.

– It is not necessary to send any documents by regular mail.

2)-Approve the nomination of the student through the online system after receiving the automatic email informing the deadline.

– Nominations that are not approved by the home institution until the deadline are automatically cancelled by the system.

The Student must:

1)-Access the online registration system after receiving an email with the access link, login, and password.

– If you did not receive the nomination email, verify with your home institution if they have your correct information and require a new nomination.

2)-Fill out the entireenrollment form (completely).

3)-Write a motivation letter in Portuguese (motivation letters written in other languages are not considered).

4)-Choose the courses for the Learning Agreement.

5)-After printing the Learning Agreement and collecting all the required signatures, upload it on the system.

6)-Upload all the required documents.

7)-After filling out the forms and uploading the documents, save the application and click SEND (ENVIAR). If you do not click SEND (ENVIAR) we will not consider your application.

– The nomination of the student does not mean that he or she is accepted. The acceptance in the exchange program will be established by the Departamental Coordinators. The student will be able to follow his or her nomination status through our online system.

– When accepted the student will have access to his or her acceptance letter online for download. The original letter will be sent by post to their home institution’s address.

8) After receiving the acceptance letter the student must require the Student’s Visa type IV (mandatory to be enrolled at UFSC) at the Brazilian Consulate/Embassy in their home country.

General Information

Information about Student Visa

The extension of the Visa must be required at the Federal Police Department or at the Ministry of Justice, 30 days prior to the Visa’sexpiration date, and the student must present the UFSC’s transcript of recordsand an official letter provided by SINTER.

Attention: It is not possible to change your visa status while in Brazilianterritory; as such the student must leave their home countries with the student Visa Type IV. Students will not be enrolled at any course if they are not in possession of the correct Visa.


UFSC does not offer lodging for exchange students. Thus, the students must search for their own accommodation. SINTER can provide a list of external accommodations for international students. You can require the list by contacting:

Other Information

The Exchange students will be able to register at any Department at UFSC as long as they fulfill all the course requirements.

All the responsibilities related to the Exchange program such as Visa, Passport, Tickets, Lodging, Transportation, and Living Expenses are under students’ responsibility, whether the student has scholarship/financial aid or not.

The Exchange students will not pay any fee at UFSC, except for extra-curricular activities. The only fees that the students will pay are related to the home institution, in case there is any.