Trial Access to SciVal (Elsevier) Platform

The Universidade Federal de Santal Catarina (UFSC), through the Office of International Relations (SINTER), the Prorectorate for Graduate Studies (PROPG) and the Prorectorate for Research and Innovation (PROPESQ), has been holding working meetings with representatives of Elsevier in Brazil, intending to analyze the possibilities and relevance of obtaning access to the Elsevier’s SciVal database. SciVal is a modular platform that presents a series of research metrics, based on data from the SCOPUS database.

The access to the platform may have an important role in planning and developing strategies for the enhancement of research, graduate studies and internationalization. Among the benefits that the access to scientific information through the SciVal database can provide to UFSC, the following stand out:

  • Greater knowledge of performance indicators relevant to research and graduate studies at the university;
  • Possibility of making comparisons between national and international institutions and research areas;
  • Identification of outstanding research topics in the world, and those in which UFSC stands out;
  • Better monitoring of CAPES evaluation process;
  • Identification, within the scope of research, of the strengths and aspects to be improved in each graduate program;
  • Identification of the main research topics of each graduate program and mapping of collaboration opportunities in Brazil and abroad;
  • Monitoring of the scientific contribution towards the achievement of the United Nations’ (UN) Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

To evaluate the platform’s functionality and the relevance of its applications to UFSC, Elsevier will make available to the entire UFSC community a free 45-day trial acess to Scival, starting on 3 October 2022.

A webinar with representatives of SciVal (Elsevier) was held on 27 September to guide the trial period, present the platform and answer questions. The webinar was streamed live on SINTER’s YouTube channel.

After the trial period, UFSC will carry out a survey to evaluate the platform’s relevance. We ask everyone who has tested the system to participate.

Hiring SciVal (Elsevier) services will depend on the positive evaluation from the university community, since it will involve the mobilization of financial resources. Thus, the participation of everyone is essential to guide the decision.

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