The Brazil-Colombia (BRACOL) Student Exchange Program aims at promoting the exchange of higher education students between the member universities of Grupo Coimbra de Universidades Brasileiras (GCUB) and Associación Colombiana de Universidades (ASCUN).

Coordinator: Prof. Lincoln Fernandes


Documents –  UFSC students Documents – Colombian students
Learning Agreement

Universidad La Gran Colombia (fact sheet)

Universidad del Tolima (fact sheet)

Information for BRACOL students

Instructions for obtaining the RNE number (National Registry of Foreigners)

Calls for Application:

Current Calls
Closed Calls

 Call no. 06/SINTER/2018

Call no. 05/SINTER/2017

Call no. 14/SINTER/2016

Call no.12/SINTER/2016

Call no. 03/SINTER/2016

Call no. 08/SINTER/2015

Students selected for interview

Final Result