Florianópolis Campus

UFSC-AEREA_JAIR-QUINT_rgb2-1024x717The main UFSC campus is located in Trindade, on Florianópolis island, and occupies an area of more than 2,000,000 ha. The main administrative bodies and eleven academic schools are located on this campus, as well as the University Central Library, the University Restaurant, several research laboratories, the Colégio de Aplicação [laboratory school] and the Child Development Center.

The activities of the School of Agricultural Sciences are developed in Itacorubi, a neighborhood located 3.6 km far from the main campus.

Undergraduate Programs Graduate Specializations

Graduate Programs (Master’s and Doctoral Degree)

Accounting Science


Animal Sciences


Aquaculture Engineering

Architecture and Urbanism

Archival Science

Automation and Control Engineering

Biological Sciences

Brazilian Sign Language (Libras)

Business Administration


Chemical Engineering

Chemical Engineering (M/D)


Electrical Engineering (M/D)

Cinema Studies

Environmental Engineering (PM)

Civil Engineering

Production Engineering (M/D)

Civil Production Engineering

Computer Science

Exact Sciences


Computer Science (M/D)


Oceanography (M)

Dramatic Arts

Physics Education (PM)


Education of the field

Education (M/D)

Electrical Engineering

History (M/D)

Electrical Production Engineering

International Relations (M)

Electronic Engineering

Political Sociology (M/D)

English Language and Literature

Social Anthropology (M/D)

Executive Secretariat

Health Sciences

Food Engineering

Health Informatics (MP)

Food Science and Technology

Medical Sciences (M/D)

French Language and Literature

Multidisciplinary Studies in Health Care (PM)


Nursing Care Management (PM)


Odontology (M/D)

German Language and Literature

Pharmaceutical Nanotechnology (D)


Physical Education (M/D)

Indigenous Intercultural Education of the southern Atlantic Forest

Linguistics and Literature

Information Systems

Linguistics (M/D)

International Relations

Portuguese in Elementary Education (PM)

Italian Language and Literature


Agroecosystems (M/D)


Biotechnology and Biosciences (M/D)

Library Science

Interdisciplinary Studies in Human Sciences (D)

Materials Engineering


Natural Disasters (PM)

Mathematics and  Computational Science

Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Production Engineering





Nutritional Sciences





Physical Education


Portuguese Language and Literature


Sanitary and Environmental Engineering

Spanish Language and Literature

Social Sciences

Social Work

Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology

Air Transport Planning and Management

Civil Procedural Law

Collective Health

Control of Municipal Management

Control of Public Management

Education in Digital Culture

Education, Poverty and Social Inequality

Gender and Diversity in School

Health Care for the Elderly

Highway Operations

Municipal Public Management

Pharmaceutical Care Management

Public Management

State Law

UX Design

Biological Sciences

Biochemistry (M/D)

Biology of Fungi, Algae and Plants (M)

Cell and Developmental Biology (M/D)

Criminal and Environmental Forensics (M)

Ecology (M/D)

Neurosciences (M/D)

Pharmacology (M/D)

Pharmacology (PM)

Physiological Sciences (M/D)

Home Care

Multiprofessional Course in Primary Health Care

Automation and Systems Engineering (M/D)


Civil Engineering (M/D)

Product Value Optimization

Environmental Engineering (M/D)

School Management – Distance Learning

Mechanical Engineering (M/D)

Teaching in Early Childhood Education

Transport Engineering and Land Management (M)

Vehicle Energy Efficiency

Chemistry (M/D)

Mathematics in National Network (MP)

Physics (M/D)

Pure and Applied Mathematics (M/D)

Human Sciences

Geography (M/D)

History Education (PM)

Philosophy (M/D)

Psychology (M/D)

Collective Health (M/D)

Intensive and Palliative Care (PM)

Mental Health and Psychosocial Support (PM)

Nursing (M/D)

Nutrition (M/D)

Pharmaceutical Care (M)

Pharmacy (M/D)

English: Linguistic and Literary Studies (M/D)

Literature (M/D)

Translation Studies (M/D)

Multidisciplinary Studies

Agroecosystems (PM)

Information and Communication Technology (M)

Knowledge Engineering and Management (M/D)

Materials Science and Engineering (M/D)

Methods and Management for Educational Evaluation (PM)

Scientific and Technological Education (M/D)

M – Academic Master’s Degree Programs

D – Academic Doctoral Degree Programs

PM – Professional Master’s Degree Program