Extension of Student Visa


The application must be done at the Federal Police.

Address of the Federal Police (“Polícia Federal”): Av. Irineu Bornhausen, 4744

(Avenida Beira Mar Norte – between the Casa do Governador and the OAB)

Suburb: Agronômica

Office Hours: from 7:30 am to 5:30pm.

Find the Information Desk

Telephone: 3281-6500 / 3281-6660


  1. Application available here; After completing and printing the form, check if there is a schedule available  and select the date and time for attendance.
  2. Two recent photographs, size 3×4, colored with white background;
  3. Copy of valid passport or equivalent travel document;
  4. Proof of temporary registration (National Migration Card);
  5. Proof of registration in the Educational Institution (except in case of course completion and if the foreign student is requesting extension to receive the diploma);
  6. Statement of the Educational Institution, including the expected duration of the studies (except in case of course completion and if the foreign student is requesting extension to receive the diploma);
  7. Original proof of payment of the following fees:
  • 140090 – Renovação do Prazo de Entrada – R$110,44 (people coming from Portuguese speaking countries are released from paying this fee) and
  • 140120 – Emissão da Cédula de Identidade de Imigrante – R$204,77

The documentation of the items 5 and 6 mentioned above are provided by SINTER.

Access the website of the Federal Police and follow these steps in order to generate the GRUs:

  • Select GRU > Estrangeiros/Imigração > 3. Pessoas e Entidades Estrangeiras;
  • Fill out your personal data and address in Florianópolis;
  • In the field “UNIDADE ARRECADADORA” select: “SC- Superintendência Regional de Florianópolis”;
  • In the field “CÓDIGO DA RECEITA” select the code 140090. Do the procedure again and then select  the code 140120.

ATTENTION! Every day, at noon, the Federal Police release new scheduling times. Fill out the form in advance and access the website, from Monday to Friday at noon, to schedule your visit. Do not miss the registration time!

Go to the Federal Police Office with all the required documentation, including the paid GRU, the completed form and the protocol of the scheduled appointment.