Workshop for UFSC faculty approaches active learning pedagogical practices

11:39 AM

The “W.I.L.D. Teaching: Making Your Classroom Come Alive” workshop, promoted by SINTER and USAC, took place on July 15 and 29. The workshop was lectured completely in English by the Professors Leslie Goldstein and Brian Burke from Fort Lewis College. The main content was the introduction of active learning techniques, which consist of pedagogical practices designed to make the learning more dynamic and the classes more interesting for students through the use of several thinking skills, like interpreting, analyzing, synthesizing, classifying, relating and comparing. In the course, the participants had contact with techniques selected by Goldstein and Burke to stimulate the intellectual autonomy of students through planned activities and simulations.

On 29 July, an online broadcast was made to allow access to teachers from all campuses. Faculty members from the Florianópolis Campus were able to attend in person at the Harry Laus Room in the University Library. “It will be interesting to apply the techniques learned at the workshop in class through some student interaction activities, interactive quizzes and classroom demonstrations,” said one of the participants.

The participants had to work in groups to complete the activities.