Escala de Gestores y Administradores

Escala-Gestores-y-AdministradoresThe AUGM Escala de Gestores y Administradores aims at promoting mobility between technical and administrative staff from AUGM member universities  in order to strengthen university management, contributing to their development and increasing comprehension of different organizational structures.

All UFSC staff members who have been working at the institution for at least 3 years are entitled to apply. 


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Calls for Application:

Current calls                                                —
Closed calls Public Call no. 9/SINTER 2018 – Escala Gestores y Administradores.

Call no. 11/SINTER /2017

Call no.09/SINTER/2016

Call no. 16/2015/SINTER

Rectification of Call no. 16/2015/SINTER

Final Result – Call no. 16/2015/SINTER

Call no. 7/2014/SINTER

1st Rectification of Call no. 7/2014/SINTER

2nd Rectification of Call no. 7/2014/SINTER

Call for Applications