International visits calendar

1st semester 2020

17 February 2020

On 17 February, the UFSC Rector, Prof. Ubaldo C. Balthazar, received the Consul General of Canada, Heather Cameron, for a meeting at the Rector’s office. The Prorector for Graduate Studies, Prof. Cristiane Derani, the Prorector for Undergraduate Studies, Prof. Alexandre Marino, the Secretary for International Relations, Prof. Lincoln P. Fernandes, the Vice-Diretor of the School of Agricultural Sciences, Prof. César Damian, the professor of the Department of Aquaculture Prof. Leila Hayashi, and the Canadian Trade Commissioner Paulo Barnewitz Orlandi, also joined the meeting. The purpose of the visit was to present the new Canadian Consulate as well as to discuss academic cooperation possibilities between UFSC and the Canadian Universities. 

4 February 2020

On 4 February, professors of the Fondazione Edmund Mach (FEM) – Research and Innovation Centre visited UFSC to present an ongoing project between UFSC, EPAGRI, FAPESC and FEM for the cultivation of new grape varieties in Santa Catarina. The Vice-Rector, Prof. Alacoque Herdmann, the Vice-Diretor of the School of Agricultural Sciences (CCA), Prof. César Damian, and the Secretary for International Relations, Prof. Lincoln P. Fernandes, gathered for a meeting with professors Duilio Porro and Marco Stefanini of FEM. The partnership with UFSC started in 1997 and continues to this day. The project involves the cultivation of 27 grape varieties for the production of Chardonnay wine in the state of Santa Catarina. 

2nd semester 2019

22 to 28 November 2019

Between 22 and 28 November, UFSC received Prof. Hugh Bigsby, of the Lincoln University, for a meeting with Prof. Diogo Robl (Director of International Relations), Prof. Katt Regina Lapa (Department of Aquiculture), Prof. Ricardo Kazama (Department of Animal Sciences and Rural Development), and Prof. Cristina Magalhães Ribas dos Santos (Department of Plant Sciences). The meeting took place in the School of Agricultural Sciences (CAA) with the purpose of discussing agrobusiness oportunities at UFSC and in the state of Santa Catarina. 

3 October 2019

On 3 October, the Secretary for International Relations, Prof. Lincoln Fernandes, and the Director for International Relations, Diogo Robl, met with professors of the Maastricht University Law School to discuss a partnership with UFSC. 

20 August 2019

On 20 August, Prof. Dr. Jochen Hönow and Rector Ubaldo Balthazar signed a Cooperation Agreement at the Rector’s Office. Then, the Secretary for International Relations, Lincoln Paulo Fernandes, received Mr. Hönow to discuss activities and other international cooperation possibilities at the Office of International Relations (SINTER).

1st semester 2019

3 July 2019

On 3 July, the representatives Antonio Corradi, Rosa Grimaldi and Alessandro Grandi from University of Bologna attended a meeting at UFSC to discuss the consolidation of partnership processes related to academic entrepreneurship and to promote a lecture about academic entrepreneurship at ACATE (Technology Association of Santa Catarina).


19 June 2019

On 19 June, SINTER welcomed Rui Vinhas da Silva from the Instituto Universitário de Lisboa, Portugal, for a meeting with Professors Rudimar Antunes and Cláudio Amante, from the Graduate Programs in Administration and University Administration, respectively. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss partnerships for the training of executives as part of the cooperation agreement between the institutions.

12 June 2019

On 12 June 2019, SINTER welcomed Susan Loubert and Gloria Fuertes from the École Supérieure d’Informatique, Électronique, Automatique – ESIEA, France, for a meeting with UFSC Director of International Relations, Diogo Robbl, and faculty members and students of the Computer Science and Information Systems Programs.

6 June 2019

On 6 June, UFSC welcomed Sarah O’Sullivan, a representative of Education in Ireland (Brazil), together with the General-Consul of Ireland, Barry Tumelty, and the regional representative of the Technological University Dublin International Office, Lida Hughes, for a lecture about exchange opportunities in Ireland. The event took place in the Harry Laus room, at the University Library, and aimed to show students the study opportunities in Ireland and discuss the application procedures and visa requirements.

14 May 2019

On 14 May, SINTER welcomed faculty members of the Universidad Francisco de Paula Santander (Colombia) working in the areas of Industrial Engineering and Mechanical Engineering and Management. They attended a meeting with faculty members of the UFSC Department of Production Engineering, Diego Fetterman and Raphael Schlikmann, to discuss cooperation possibilities.

24 April 2019

On 24 April, UFSC welcomed representatives from the University Le Havre Normandie to discuss cooperation and mobility opportunities. A cooperation agreement has been recently signed between the institutions.

4 April 2019

On 4 April, SINTER welcomed the President of the Instituto Politécnico de Viseu, Paulo Costeira Silva, from Portugal.

 15 March 2019

On 15 March, Professor Lincoln Fernandes welcomed at SINTER the Secretary for International Relations of the École Nationale Supérieure de Chimie de Lille (ENSCL), Ms. Zahia, accompanied by Professor Vogt from the same institution. Besides a cooperation agreement between the institutions, UFSC and ENSCL are also partners in a BRAFITEC project in the areas of Chemical Engineering and Materials Engineering.

15 February 2019

On 15 February, the Secretary for International Relations, Lincoln Fernandes, and the BRAFITEC Program Coordinators at UFSC, Guilherme de Oliveira Barra and Diego Fetterman, along with Professor Fernando Cabral, welcomed representatives from Partner French Institutions and the Universidade do Grande ABC. The visit aimed to strengthen the relationship between the institutions. During the meeting, operational bottlenecks in the BRAFICTEC processes were discussed, as well as possibilities for new partnerships and the amount of funding opportunities for UFSC students.

2nd semester – 2018

2 October 2018

On 2 October 2018, UFSC welcomed Prof. Dr. Ercan Altinson and Dr. Claudia Muëller, representatives from the Technische Universität Dresden,. After a presentation of both institutions, they visited some of UFSC’s laboratories. Topics such as research, teaching and academic mobility were discussed during the visit.

  28 September 2018

On 28 September 2018, UFSC welcomed representatives from the Écoles Centrales, Prof. Ina Taralova (EC Nantes) and Prof. Jocelyn Fiorina (CentraleSupélec), for a selection process of engineering students who wish to pursue a double degree. This process has been carried out for several years in Brazilian universities (UFRGS, UNICAMP, USP, UNB and UFRJ) and this year, for the first time, UFSC is part of the process.

This visit took place in the scope of the BRAFITEC project (UFSC, UNICAMP and UFRGS) coordinated by UFSC and entitled: “Projeto de Cooperação Franco-Brasileiro para Formação de Engenheiros na Área de Controle e Automação”. Selected students may be awarded scholarships by Eiffel and BRAFITEC.

12 September 2018

On 12 September 2018, UFSC’s Rector, Prof. Ubaldo Balthazar, and representatives from the Office of International Relations, the Prorectoratefor Graduate Studies and the Prorectorate for Research, welcomed Austria’s Ambassador Irene Giner-Reichi. The meeting took place at the Rector’s Office, where possible partnerships with the government of Austria, not only with higher education institutions but also with private institutions, were discussed. The area of common interest is sustainability, a theme that involves several undergraduate and graduate programs. UFSC and Austria’s Ambassador made themselves available for the development of future joint projects.

24 August 2018

On 24 August, the specialist from the Fulbright Commission for Educational Exchange between the United States of America and Brazil, and Professor of Political Science at Western Michigan University, James Butterfield, was welcomed at UFSC to present the results from his observations about the internationalization programs developed at UFSC and other Southern Brazil Universities. The presentation was held in the Rectorate Building’s Council Room and was open to the general public, bringing suggestions about UFSC’s internationalization proposals.

16 August 2018

On 16 August, UFSC’s Rector, Prof. Ubaldo Balthazar, and the Secretary for International Relations, Lincoln Fernandes, welcomed a Committee from the United States Consulate in Porto Alegre. The Committee was formed by the Consul and Principal Officer, Julia Harlan; the Public Affairs Officer, John Jacobs; the Political and Economic Advisor, Aline Vecchia; and the Education and Culture Advisor, Marianne Behs. At the meeting, paths for cooperation agreements between UFSC and the Consulate were discussed.

27 July 2018

 On 27 July, the Secretary for International Relations, Lincoln Fernandes, welcomed the Consul General of Japan to discuss prospective cooperation agreements.

23 July 2018

On 23 and 24 July, UFSC welcomed a representative from the Vytautas Magnus University, Lithuania. At the meetings, cooperation agreements, especially regarding the Erasmus + Program, were discussed.

1st semester – 2018

13 June 2018

On 13 June, SINTER welcomed representatives from the Instituto Superior Politécnico Independente (ISPI) – Angola, accompanied by Prof. Ilka Boaventura from UFSC’s Department of Anthropology. During the meeting, a cooperation agreement between ISPI and UFSC was discussed.

16 May 2018

On 16 May, UFSC’s Rector and the Secretary for International Relations met with representatives from Université Laval in order to strengthen collaborative projects  among UFSC, the Université Laval and Québec’s Health and Social Services System, with a view to enabling student internship agreements.

25 April 2018

On 25 April, UFSC welcomed Dr. Gérard Perrier from the Institut Français du Brésil of the Consulate General of France – São Paulo. At the meeting, issues regarding the France-Brazil cooperation were discussed, focusing on the “French-Brazilian chairs” and the “French Readers” programs, which aim to strengthen the relationship between Brazilian faculty members and French institutions.


On 25 April, SINTER welcomed Dr. Jeff Bray from the University of Bournemouth. At the meeting, the possibility of institutionalizing and expanding the current cooperation between both universities, as well as the beginning of a new project called “Newton Institutional Links”, were discussed.

27 March 2018

On 27 March, a meeting was held between a representative from the Global Affairs Canada Office, Paula Manozzo, and representatives from SINTER staff responsible for the International Programs and Agreements. The Global Affairs Office often offers scholarships for Brazilian students. Therefore,  cooperation agreements and partnerships between Canadian institutions and UFSC were discussed.

27 March 2018

On 27 March, UFSC welcomed a representative from Campus France Brasil who gave a lecture at the School of Socio-Economic Sciences (CSE) auditorium. The lecture addressed the admission applications processes, the benefits of studying in France, scholarships, information about the programs and the procedures for applying for a student visa.

26 March 2018

On 26 March, UFSC welcomed Professor Gloria Lupo Pasin who gave a lecture in English at the School of Socio-Economic Sciences (CSE) auditorium regarding exchange opportunities at the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, in Italy. The institution has an agreement with UFSC for all areas of common interests.

21 March 2018

On 21 march, SINTER attended a meeting with Sara Blite, a representative of USAC in order to discuss the offer of EMI courses for faculty members.

14  March 2018

On 14 March,  a representative of the University of Auckland, Marcelo Credidio, visited SINTER to discuss the cooperation agreement and partnership between both universities.

02 March 2018

On 2 March, UFSC attended a meeting with a representative of Dresden University with the aim of signing a cooperation agreeement and developing a project alongside DAAD.

26  February 2018

On 26 February,  SINTER welcomed professors Demitry Kamanin and Valentin Nesterenko, researchers at the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research (JINR) in Russia. They are members of a delegation that visited Brazil for scientific negotiations with MCTI in Campinas, São Paulo. The meeting aimed at discussing an agreement for cooperation in research and short-term student programs between both institutions. 

15 January 2018

On 15 January, UFSC attended a meeting with a delegation of Tel Aviv University to discuss an academic cooperation between both universities. The meeting took place at the Rector’s Office and Professor Dr. Ubaldo C. Balthazar, Prorectors, Secretaries and professors/researchers were present.

04 January 2018

On 4 January, UFSC welcomed representatives of the University of Flensburg, Germany. The visit aimed at discussing and establishing general guidelines for an agreement regarding the Erasmus+ Program.

2nd semester – 2017

20 December 2017

On 20 December, UFSC attended a meeting with a delegation of researchers,  entrepreneurs and members of the Italian government, hosted by UDESC, during which the project  Joint Lab on Big Data for Industry 4.0 was discussedThe event sought to negotiate agreements between Brazilian and Italian companies as well as academic mobility on technological research areas, establishing common interests, goals and cooperation viability. 

30 November 2017

Resultado de imagem para Universidade de Tel Aviv

On 30 November, UFSC welcomed the Secretary-General of the Brazilian Israelite Confederation (CONIB), Eduardo Wurgmann, to a meeting which had as its goal an approximation with the University of Tel Aviv through joint projects. During the meeting, UFSC’s Prorectors and Secretaries shared information about UFSC concerning its structural and projects scopes. At the end, Professor Lincoln Paulo Fernandes – Secretary for International Relations – was designated to continue the conversations with Tel Aviv until  a cooperation agreement for the development of both institutions and their university communities is established.  

24 November 2017

Imagem relacionadaOn 24 November, UFSC received the visit of Berenice Cervantes, Director of the Russian Iberoamerican International Center at the Russian State Social University. The Office of International Relations (SINTER) organized a meeting to welcome the visitor, who had as purpose to talk about the student and faculty mobility between both institutions, as well as about scholarshipopportunities and Russian language teaching. Despite the cooperation agreement that UFSC already has with RSSU, which includes the possibility of exchange, no mobility has been carried out so far.

21 November 2017

Imagem relacionadaOn 21 and 22 November, UFSC welcomed an envoy from the Escola Superior de Enfermagem de Coimbra, Marina Montezuma. The purpose of her visit was to get to know the health facilities where the exchange students from her institution may carry out practical activities. In order to achieve this goal, UFSC’s Office of International Relations (SINTER) organized a schedule which included, besides a walk on campus, visits to the University Hospital (HU) and to a Basic Health Unit (UBS).

16 November 2017

Resultado de imagem para universidad catolica de temucoOn 16 and 17 November, UFSC welcomed  a delegation from the Universidad Católica de Temuco (Chile) compounded by the Rector, the Director of International Relations as well as the deans of the Faculties of Education, Legal Sciences and Engineering. The visit had the purpose of getting to know the structure of the Florianópolis and Araranguá campuses  and to strenghten ties between both institutions, which already have a cooperation agreement that allows for academic exchange. In order to reach these goals, UFSC’s Office of International Relations (SINTER) organized the visit schedule, which included several Academic Schools and their laboratories.

06 October 2017

Resultado de imagem para Universidad Nuestra Señora de la Asunción

A delegation from Universidad Nuestra Señora de la Asunción, located in Guarambare, Paraguay, visited UFSC on 6 October. The Office of International Relations (SINTER) organized the visit schedule, which included meetings with the Office of Innovation and with the Prorectorate for Undergraduate Studies, as well as a tour through the campus, and more. The objective of the delegation’s visit was the negotiation for a cooperation agreement between the universities.

16 de November 2017

Resultado de imagem para universidad catolica de temuco On the days 16 and 17 November, UFSC will receive a delegation from Universidad Católica de Temuco, in Chile. The Office of International Relations (SINTER) is organizing the schedule for the visit that will involve – besides the reception at the Florianópolis campus – the visitants’ going to Araranguá in order to know the laboratories of computer technology.

1st semester – 2017

06 July 2017

Image result for dalhousie universityMembers of Dalhousie University, Canada, Dr. Alain Boutet, Dr. Carolyn Watters and Dr. David Gray, visited UFSC Office of International Relations for a meeting with Professor Ana Carolina De Oliveira Costa (Undergraduate Program in Food Science), Professor Ana Carolina Maisonnave Arisi (Undergraduate Program in Aquaculture), and professors Lincoln Fernandes (Secretary for International Relations), Leila Hayashie (Sub-Coordinator of the Program in Aquaculture) ,  Alex Pires De Oliveira Nuñer (Coordinator of the Program in Aquaculture) and Hugo Moreira Soares (Deputy Prorector for Graduate Studies).

04 July 2017

Image result for University of South CarolinaThe professor Dr. Qiana Whitted of the University of North Carolina was invited to an open seminar on her specialization area: race and comic novels. The event was scheduled for 4 July, 2017 at 6:30 pm. under the title ‘Race, Resistance, and Representation in American Comics and Sequential Art’.

23 June 2017 

Image result for consulado dos estados unidosA lecture on the U.S. Student Visa was held at the Helk Hering auditorium (University Library) at 11:00 am. Representatives of the United States Consulate, Liliana Cruz and Deputy Consul Kendra Arbaiza, lectured with the intention of demystifying the visa process as a whole.

29 May 2017

Resultado de imagem para Universidade LinköpingA meeting with three professors, André Carvalho Bittencourt, Peter Krus and Victor Juliano de Negri, from Linköping University, Sweden, was held at UFSC Rector’s office in order to formalize a cooperation agreement in the area of aeronautics.

26 May 2017

Resultado de imagem para university curtinA meeting with architecture professor Joseli Macedo of Curtin University was held in order to establish a cooperation agreement between UFSC and the Australian university.

22 May 2017 

Imagem relacionadaA meeting with KAUST professors was held at the Auditorium of the Department of Mechanical Engineering – School of Technology / UFSC – to discuss the possibilities of exchange among professors and researchers in the areas of Biological and Environmental Sciences, as well as Computational Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Materials Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Computer Science, Chemistry and Physics.

04 May 2017

Resultado de imagem para Universidade de BeihangBetween 11 and 16 May, UFSC received Prof. Xiangdong Chen of Beihang University, China. A lecture aimed at Knowledge Engineering graduate students and open to the public was given with the intention of presenting the collaboration actions between companies and universities in China, besides showing interest in establishing a cooperation agreement with UFSC.

11 April 2017

A lecture was held in the auditorium of UFSC Shared Building, on Florianópolis Campus. to present the Italian University System and the Unifaidate Platform. The lecture was given by Marcos Vinícius Correa Cardenas and was aimed at undergraduate and graduate students, faculty, alumni, professionals and the community in general.

06 April 2017

  The Study in Europe Road Show brought together representatives of European institutions and official agencies to discuss exchanges. The event was organized by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), Campus France and Neso Brasil, and had the support of the UFSC Office of International Relations (SINTER).

14 March 2017

banerUSAC and UFSC received 60 international guests from affiliated universities for the 35th USAC Annual Meeting. The event included meetings, lectures, and activities to promote Brazilian culture, the University and the city of Florianópolis.




2nd semester – 2016 

23 November 2016

downloadSwinburne University representative, Priscila Trevisan, had a meeting at SINTER and later this same day delivered a lecture to nearly 50 students about the University, exchange and Australia.

21 October 2016

downloadA Swedish delegation of 8 universities gathered with UFSC representatives and later delivered a lecture and set up stands with the theme “How to study in Sweden?”.

07 October 2016

download (1)Dr. Svenja Brünger, representative of the German Academic Exchanging Service, delivered a lecture with the theme “How to study in Germany?”.

05 October 2016

consuladoThe Vice-Consul Kendra Arbaiza-Sundal and the Consular Assistant José Ricardo Gumiero, representantives of the U.S. Consulate, delivered a lecture about the different types of U.S. visas.

30 September  2016

735dfe0cf0497b7d1321781440e38402Marcos Vinícius Correa Cardenas, representative of  the “Promozione del sistema universitario italiano nel mondo” program, delivered a lecture to UFSC community. 


12 September 2016

aarhus_university_logo1Georg Fischer, assistant professor at the School of Culture and Society of the Aarhus University (Denmark) made a visit at UFSC  with focus on Brazilian studies.



 1st semester – 2016

27 June 2016


Visit of Professor Federica Bondioli from the Department of Industrial Engineering of the Università degli Studi di Parma.


20 to 24 June 2016

 Visit of Maria Del Carmen Villanueva Gutierrez, Lawyer at the Faculty of Law and Political Sciences of the Universidad Mayor de San Andrés.

5 to 6 June 2016

  Visit of Dr. Alvaro Maglia, Executive Secretary of AUGM, who participated in the opening round table of the III CIPLOM/EAPLOM.

2 June 2016

uniao-europeiaVisit of a Delegation of Ambassadors of the European Union: Ambassador Dirk Brengelmann (Germany), Ambassador Marianne Feldmann (Austria), Ambassador Jozef Smets (Belgium), Ambassador Želiko Vukosak (Croatia), Ambassador Valeri Yotov (Bulgaria), Ambassador Kim Hojlund Christensen (Denmark), Ambassador Milan Cigán (Slovakia), Ambassador Alain Brian Bergant (Slovenia), Ambassador Manuel De La Cámara Hermoso (Spain), Consul Reigo Ginter (Estônia), Minister Counsellour Juha Savolainen (Finland), Ambassador Laurent Bili (France), Ambassador Kyriakos Amiridis (Greece), Ambassador Norbert Konkoly (Hungary), Ambassador Brian Glynn (Ireland), General Consul in São Paulo Sr J. van Honk (Netherlands), Ambassador Dr. Francisco Maria de Souza Ribeiro (Portugal), Minister Counsellour Wasim Mir (United Kingdom), Deputy Head of Mission Consul Sandra Lang Linkensederová (Czech Republic), Ambassador Diana Anca Radu (Romania), Ambassador Per-Arne Hjelmborn (Sweden) and Ambassador João Gomes Cravinho (Portugal).


18 to 20 May 2016

Visit of Professor Pablo Isla from the Universiteit Leiden (Netherlands), responsible, in the Netherlands, for the Program of Brazilian Culture to Leiden Students at UFSC.

26 April 2016


Visit of Professor Olivier Lavialle and Professor Jean-Philippe Fontenelle from the École Nationale Supérieure des Sciences Agronomiques de Bordeaux-Aquitaine (Bordeaux Sciences Agro).



08 April 2016 

nhtvVisit of Daphne Heeroma (Dean of the NHTV Academy for Digital Entertainment), Michelle Kovacs (Researcher / Lecturer in Consumption and Behavior), Carlos Santos (Lecturer in Development of Mobile Application Software) and Marlie van Dun (Director of International Affairs – NHTV Strategy Research & Education Office) from the NHTV Breda University of Applied Sciences.

21 March 2016 


Visit of Pitchayaphant Charnbhumidol (Ambassador of Thailand in Brazil).


17 March 2016 


Visit of Prof. Klaus Janschek (Chair of Automation Engineering, Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering) from the Technische Universität Dresden (Germany).


14 to 18 March 2016

Escala Gestores y Administradores Visit of Sebastián Puig, Advisor of International Relations of the Facultad de Arquitectura, Diseño y Urbanismo (FADU) of the Universidad Nacional del Litoral.

26 February 2016 

imgCoopAlemaVisit of Florian Remann (Heliothermic Energy Project) from the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH (Brasília, Brazil). 
HSKL_LOGO_RGB_posVisit of Prof. Dr.Ing. Matthias Hampel  from the Department of Applied Engineering of the Hochschule Kaiserslautern University of Applied Sciences (Kaiserslautern, Germany).



16 February 2016


Visit of Dr. David Reggio (Head of International Partnerships and Enterprise) and Dr. Chris Kerzich (Director of Global Engagement), from St Mary’s University – London (London, United Kingdom). Prof. Jamil Assreuy (Profector for Research at UFSC) also joined the meeting


29 January 2016

Visit of Prof. Miguel Brandão, from the KTH – Royal Institute of TechnologyKth_logo.svg (Stockholm, Sweden).

26 January 2016

ucVisit of Prof. Antonio Figueiredo, Director of the Faculty of Sports Science and Physical Education of the  Universidade de Coimbra (Coimbra, Portugal)

 11 January 2016

CégepEdouardMontpetit_LogoVisit of the Economics Professor Valérie Bruneau from the CÉGEP Édouard Montpetit (Quebec, Canada).

2nd semester – 2015

 26 November 2015

Logo_SITE_PTVisit of the ex-president of Uruguay José Alberto Mujica Cordano (Montevideo, Uruguay).
The_University_of_California_1868_UCSC.svgVisit of Prof. Dr. Tony Haymet – Director of the Scripps Institution of Oceanography of the University of California (California, San Diego).
USD_master_logoVisit of Dr. Tony Haymet from the University of San Diego (California, USA).

18th, November, 2015

Logo_Université_du_Littoral-Côte_d'Opale_2009Visit of Prof. Marciel da Fitotecnia and Prof. Phelippe Reignault from the Université du Littoral Cotê d’Opale (Calais, France).


macquarie_university_logoVisit of  Macquire University (Sydney, Austrália).
       download (1)

      Visit of the North-american consul to Santa Catarina.


12th, November, 2015

logo_75c644e189c4039012489716f9175661Visit of the representantives of Technische Hochschule Ingolstadt (Ingolstadt, Germany).

11th, November, 2015

uni_fuer_esaVisit of the delegation from Bayreuth University (Bayreuth, Germany).



04th, November, 2015

  download Visit of the delegation from “International Scientific Acupuncture and Meridian Symposium” (ISMAS), (Dr.  Dae In Kang) with Dr. Ari More (HU) and Prof. Li Shin Mim (HU), (South Korea).


26th, October, 2015

Université_libre_de_Bruxelles_logo.svgVisit of Serge Jaumain (Vice-Rector and Professor of Faculdade de Filosofia e Ciências Sociais) and of profa. Frédéric Louault (Professor da Faculdade de Filosofia e Ciências Social) from the Université Livre Bruxelles (Brussels, Belgium).

21th, October, 2015

CEGEPVisit of professor Valérie Bruneau (Professor in Economics) of CÉGEP Édouard Montpetit (Quebec, Canada).



9th, October, 2015

2000px-Flag_of_East_Timor.svg_Visit of East Timor embassador, Mr. Gregório de Sousa, and East Timor Education Minister, Mr. Luis de Sousa Siqueira (East Timor).



9th, October, 2015

logoUNAMVisit of professor Alma Lucero Sosa Blancas Vitor Vasconcelos, Student Mobility Coordinator at Facultad de Contaduría y Administración of Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (Mexico).



1st, September, 2015

LogoupVisit of prof. Vitor Vasconcelos, from Centro Interdisciplinar de Investigação Marina e Ambiental of Universidade do Porto (Portugal).


18th, August, 2015

CrestVisit of Martin Strangwood, from School of Metallurgy and Materials of University of Birmingham (United Kingdom).


10th, August, 2015

 UntitledVisit of representatives of higher education institutions, Ministry of Human Capacities and the  Science withour Borders Program in Hungary (Hungary).


4th, August, 2015

 Elsevier.svgVisit of Elsevier (Norway).



1st semester – 2015

14th, July, 2015

  Logo_KIT.svgVisit of Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) (Germany).

 18th, June, 2015

  brightobVisit of University of Brighton (United Kingdom).


15th, June, 2015

150128115945_insaVisit of Institut national des sciences appliquées de Strasbourg (INSA de Strasbourg) (France)

8th, June, 2015


Visit of Rice University (United States of America).

29th,May, 2015

  Visit of Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM) (Mexico).

29th, May, 2015


Visit of the Diplomat Peta Compton, from Australia Embassy in Brazil.

28th, May, 2015

  escudoVisit of Universidad Nacional de Colombia (UNAL) (Colombia).

 21th, May, 2015

 MunsterVisit of Universitat Münster (Germany). 


21th, May, 2015

university-of-limerick_logoVisit of Mary Immaculate College (Ireland).

17 to 20th, May, 2015

 Leiden Visit of Marianne Louise Wiesebron, representant of Universitat Leiden (Holland).

20th, May, 2015


Visit of Universidad de Magallanes Rector (Chile).


6th, May, 2015

 estoniaVisit of Mart Tarmak, Embaixador da Estônia Embassor of Estonia in Brazil.

24th, April, 2015

 Uni-StuttgartVisit of Universitat Stuttgart (Germany).

21 to 24th, April, 2015

uem_logoVisit of Universidade Eduardo Mondlane (Mozambique).


17th, April, 2015

 Elsevier.svgVisit of Elsevier (Norway).

17th, April, 2015

 uwmVisit of University of Wisconsin-Madison (United States of America).

13th, April, 2015 

usacVisit of representants of 13 partner american universities of the Program USAC (United States of America).

Click here to read the article about this visit.

8th, April, 2015

russiaVisit of Liudmila Guseva, da Nosov Magnitogorsk Technical University (Russia).

Click here to read the article about this visit.

31st, March, 2015

download (1)Visit of Universidade de Agostinho Neto (Angola).

27th, March, 2015

 images (1)Visit of Claudio Gonzalez Chiaramonte,  from Middlebury College (United States of America).


27th, March, 2015

HaitiVisit of Madsen Cherubin, Embassor of Haiti in Brazil.

26th, March, 2015

 MagaVisit of the Director de Investigación of Universidad de Magallanes (Chile).

18th, March, 2015

2_670x300_it_sligoVisit of the Rector of the Institute of Technology Sligo (IT Sligo) (Ireland).


11th, March, 2015

images (1)Visit of Hochschule für angewandte Wissenschaften de Weingarten (Germany).


22 to 25th, February, 2015

Logo weissVisit of Universitat Bayreuth (Germany).

12th, February, 2015 

canadáVisit of the Head of Policy Section of Embassy of Canada in Brazil.

2nd Semester – 2014

5th, December, 2014

 macVisita do vice-diretor de Relações Internacionais da Macquarie University (Austrália), prof. Jim Lee.


 4 to 5th, December, 2014

UFMG Visita técnica da Diretoria de Relações Internacionais da Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais (UFMG).


 15th, July, 2014

Sem título Visita do Reitor da Royal Holloway University of London (Reino Unido), Prof. Paul Layzell.

 Acesse aqui a programação da visita.

4th, December, 2014

 KU LeuvenVisita do coordenador de políticas da KU Leuven (Bélgica), prof. Matt Tips


26th, November, 2014

SouthAfricaVisita da Cônsul Geral da África do Sul, Sra. Mmaikelstsi Dube (África do Sul).

25th, November, 2014

ColumbusVisita do Diretor Executivo da Columbus Association, Sr. Daniel Samoilovich

19th, November, 2014 

purdueVisita de delegação de professores da Purdue University (Estados Unidos da América).

18, November, 2014

southernVisita de delegação de professores da University of Southern California (Estados Unidos da América).

14th, November, 2014

timorVisita do adido da educação da Embaixada do Timor Leste, Sr. Luis Siqueira.

13th, November, 2014

Sem títuloVisita de representante da University of Birmingham (Reino Unido), Sra. Angela Buton.

10th, November, 2014

CardiffVisita de representante do International Office da Cardiff Metropolitan University (Reino Unido), Sra. Nicola Brabyn.

3rd, November, 2014

 macVisita da Diretora Regional da América Latina, Sra. Guie Hartney, e comitiva de professores da Macquarie University (Austrália)

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30rd, October, 2014

IngolstadtVisita de delegação da Technische Hochschule Ingolstadt (Alemanha), composta por Prof. Thomas Brandmeir (vice-reitor), Anne-Sophie Lohmeier (Aware Program Manager) e Georg Overbeck (Rector Assistant).



17th, October, 2014

ar_-_universidad_nacional_de_cordobaVisita de delegação da Universidad Nacional de Córdoba (Argentina), financiada pelo Ministério de Políticas Universitárias da Nação.


13rd, October, 2014

UNSWVisita de delegação da UNSW Australia (Austrália), liderada pelo pró-reitor de pesquisa Prof. Mark Hoffman.

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15th, September, 2014

munsterVisita do Diretor Executivo do Westfalische Wilhelms-Universitat Munster (Alemanha), Sr. Ricardo Schuch. 

12th, Setembro, 2014

 Delft-University-of-Technology-logoVisita do responsável por cooperação internacional em pesquisa e inovação da Delf University of Technology (Holanda), Sr. Cees Timmers. 

11th, September, 2014

caldoVisita do diretor regional da CALDO Consortium (Canadá), Sr. Cassiano D’Almeida.

10 de setembro de 2014

mexicoVisita da Assessora em promoção do Québec Délegation Génerale México (México), Sra. Perla Haro Ruiz.


26 de agosto de 2014

icranet Visita do Diretor da Rede Internacional de Centros de Astrofísica Relativística (Itália), Prof. Ruffini.

25 de agosto de 2014

ndiVisita do Professor Christoph Lindenfelser, do Departamento de Educação da Pädagogische Hochschule Weingarten (Alemanha), ao Núcleo de Desenvolvimento Infantil (NDI) da UFSC. 

8 de agosto de 2014

Visita do Coordenador de Convênios Internacionais, Robert Derrick, do Diretor do Instituto de Estudos Latino-americanos e Caribenhos, Richard A. Gordon, e do Professor do Departamento de Línguas Românticas, Robert H. Moser, da University of Georgia (Estados Unidos da América).

4 de agosto de 2014

uniboVisita da coordenadora administrativa do setor de Relações Internacionais da Faculdade de Língua e Literatura Estrangeiras da Università di Bologna (Itália), Sra. Desideria Santella, para participar de programa de staff training na Secretaria de Relações Internacionais (SINTER).

1 de agosto de 2014

IT Sligo (Col)  Visita do Reitor do Institute of Techonology Itsligo (Irlanda), Prof. Terri Scott.

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