Application Procedures – Only Undergraduate student

To the home institution

1 Access the online system with their existing login and password in order to nominate the candidates for the exchange program.

– If the login or password is forgotten click “I forgot my password”.

– If the person responsible for nominations or the contact email has changed please contact:

– Please make sure the student’s email is correct. We do not take responsibility for wrong information.

– Nominations via email or regular mail will not be considered. – It is not necessary to send any documents by regular mail.

2  Approve the nomination of the student through the online system after receiving the automatic email informing the deadline.

– Nominations that are not approved by the home institution until the deadline are automatically cancelled by the system.

To the student

1 Check for an agreement between your institution and the UFSC here.
2 Access the online registration system after receiving an email with the access link, login, and password.

– If you did not receive the nomination email, verify with your home institution if they have your correct information and require a new nomination.

P.S. we also inform that exchange in the Medicine Program at UFSC runs independently from SINTER. Thus, students interested in taking courses or internships in Medicine should contact the program coordinator directly ( For further information, visit the program’s website:

3 Fill out the entire application form (completely).
4  Write a motivation letter in Portuguese (motivation letters written in other languages are not considered).
5  Choose the courses for the Learning Agreement.
6 After printing the Learning Agreement and collecting all the required signatures, upload it to the online application system.
7  Upload all the required documents.
8 After filling out the forms and uploading the documents, save the application and click SEND (ENVIAR).

– If you do not click SEND (ENVIAR) we will not consider your application.

9  Your home institution must access our system again and confirm your application.   
10 After that, your application will be analysed by UFSC’s Departments.
11 Once you have the acceptance by the Departments, you will receive an acceptance letter in order to  require the Student’s Visa type IV connected to UFSC (mandatory to be enrolled at UFSC) at the Brazilian Consulate/Embassy in your home country.


Students may apply for an exchange program at any campus of UFSC. During regular application procedures, candidates must choose the undergraduate program and select the campus where they would like to study. Programs offered at each campus are different from the other campuses. Check here  some information about our campi.

Important information

– The nomination of the student does not mean that he or she is accepted. The acceptance in the exchange program will be established by the Departamental Coordinators. The student will be able to follow his or her nomination status through our online application system.

– If accepted, the student will receive the Acceptance Letter by email. The student will also have online access to the Acceptance Letter, which will be available for download.  We would like to inform you that Brazilian consulates have been instructed to receive electronic letters of acceptance issued by Brazilian public universities. For this reason, electronic letters of acceptance will not be sent by regular post.

IMPORTANT:  We recommend that students do not book flights or make other travel plans before receiving the Acceptance Letter.