Event about opportunities in China celebrates partnership between the Confucious Institute at UFRGS and UFSC and UFSM


The Confucious Institute at UFRGS, in partnership with UFSC and UFSC, invites everyone for the online event on “Opportunities in China: meeting the Confucious Institute” that will take place this Thursday, 27 August, at 7 pm., on the Zoom platform.

During the event, the guest speakers will talk about academic and cultural exchange opportunities for the universities and the students, and will share their study, research and cultural experiences in China.

Guests include Prof. Nicolas Maillard, Secretary for International Relations at UFRGS; Prof. Lincoln Fernandes, Secretary for International Relations at UFSC; Prof. Érico Flores, Secretary for International Relations at UFSM; Prof. Antônio Padula, Brazilian Director of the Confucious Institute at UFRGS; Athos Munhoz Moreira da Silva, Planning Manager at Instituto Confúcio at UFRGS; Bianca Stone, Chinese teacher at the Confucius Institute at UFRGS, and Samuel Sant’Anna, student at the Communication University of China.

The event will be held on the Zoom platform, in the virtual room 766 527 9679. For direct access, access zoom.us/j/7665279679.