2021 Erasmus+ UFSC ‒ UHK Mobility Program ‒ Preliminary Results


The Office of International Relations (SINTER) announces the preliminary results of the selection for the Erasmus+ UFSC ‒ UHK Mobility Program, according to the Call for Applications no. 06 SINTER 2021. The applicants approved after the analysis of the documents are the following, in rank order.

  1. Henrique Germano Etges
  2. Briana Emanoele Bonetti
  3. João Abrão
  4. Larissa Agostinho Ribeiro
  5. Sofia Rocco Stainsack Rocha
  6. Caio Rafael Corrêa Braga
  7. Guilherme Henrique Gonçalves
  8. Liza Maria de Oliveira Parente
  9. Henrique Heiss Zappe

The first four (4) selected students will be contacted via e-mail to participate in the second stage of the selection process, which will consist in an interview and the analysis of a Letter of Intent to confirm the students’ oral and written communication skills in English. This second stage is only for confirmation and will not be used to rank the students. The interviews will be held on 30 March. The final results will follow the rank order of the qualifying stage. The first two selected candidates will be nominated for the mobility provided that they have confirmed their communication skills in English.

The applicant who wishes to file an appeal against the preliminary results of the selection process must do so until 11:59 p.m. of 25 March 2021. The appeal must be sent to the e-mail programas.sinter@contato.ufsc.br. The subject of the e-mail must be RECURSO UHK+ APPLICANT’S FIRST NAME AND LAST NAME (for example, RECURSO ESTUDANTE UHK ANA SILVA). Appeals that are not submitted according to these specifications, or after the deadline (see item 15 of this Call), will not be considered.